A Witness Speaks Of Secret Plans In Play

A witness speaks of secret plans in play

There is plenty of material in the New Message from God regarding “the Greater Community.” Humanity stands on the threshold of interstellar space. The New Message from God includes “The Greater Community,” “Life in the Universe” and the recently released “Preparing for the Greater Community.”

I consider the New Message from God to be relatively rare among spiritual teachings. It mentions extraterrestrial presence and activity in the world at this moment. I realize that many people struggle with the very possibility of this idea. Therefore I wish to present the testimony of an individual with no association to the New Message from God. His name is David Jacobs.

A witness speaks of secret plans in play

David Jacobs recently retired as a professor of American history at Temple University in Philadelphia. But he is much more well-known as a researcher in the field of UFOs and alien abduction experiences. He has written three books and edited a book on the subject. His most recent book, “Walking Among Us,” was published in 2015. I recently read this book. I am sharing my Amazon review with additional commentary in brackets.

Humanity faces a challenge to its freedom

A witness speaks of secret plans in play

I consider David Jacobs to be a remarkable individual. He has made greater efforts in the unrecognized field of UFO research than most people. He has penetrated the human evaluation of impossibility and improbability. He has not been overcome by the terror of what he has discovered. It is as if he is a planetary Paul Revere, sounding an alarm that I hope and believe will be heard.

[There are many people who sincerely believe humanity is alone in the universe, or this corner of the universe. There are some people who consider extraterrestrial life from a purely human point of view. Paul Revere is known for his midnight ride to alert the colonial militia in April 1775 to the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord.]

The extraterrestrials described by Jacobs (insectalins, reptilians and grays) have superior technology. They have superior abilities at mental influence and control. They have no concept of privacy, individuality or freedom. And yet, they don’t seem to be able to live in our physical environment. As if H. G. Wells was right in The War of the Worlds. And yet, they don’t seem to be interested in direct conquest. As if Marshall Vian Summers was right in the Allies of Humanity books.

[The War of the Worlds was written in 1897, and has become a science fiction classic. The Allies of Humanity are not yet as well known. I have shared a review of one of the four Allies books here.]

Many different UFO writers have written of alien-human interbreeding programs, child presentations, and so forth. What is the purpose of all these hybrids? Jacobs writes that the purpose is inserting these hybrids (he uses the term hubrids) into human society. But for all their cleverness at genetic manipulation, they lack understanding of human culture. For example, they don’t know what time of day one should eat an orange. And somehow the internet is useless to them, as it doesn’t speak in their telepathic language. Therefore, they acquire data about human culture through abductees. This is something that I hadn’t considered until reading this book.

[ A witness speaks of secret plans in play. Budd Hopkins (1931-2011) and John Mack (1929-2004) are two authors on this subject. Secrecy is a crucial component of the project Jacobs describes. Therefore cultural mistakes must be eliminated. Hubrids must seem completely ordinary in their appearance and behavior.]

Jacobs suggests that there are many more abductions (instances of aliens controlling a human mind and body) than are recorded. I imagined that the first abduction of an individual is an “audition” of sorts, to see if that individual is neurologically compatible to be of use on many future occasions. During these abductions, abductees show hubrids of various ages things about human culture (dressing, eating, making conversation, watching television, and many other subjects). This is done through telepathic “question cascades.” Some of this is done on UFOs, and some of this is done on Earth. About two-thirds of the book is devoted to the various stages of this program.

[ A witness speaks of secret plans in play. Jacobs has conducted nearly 900 hypnotic regressions with over 140 abductees. He addresses the subject of the validity of this technique in the book. John Mack used a similar technique in his book Abduction. Many abductees experience “missing time,” time where they can’t remember where they were or what they were doing. The aliens seem to have a way of blocking the memory of abductees. But these memories are being recovered.]

Great effort is made to make these hubrids as inconspicuous as possible. A seemingly seamless plan is in place, and is being executed. What is the purpose? Jacobs suggests that it is a clandestine subjugation of Earth. Access to and control over Earth’s biological and mineral resources, rare and precious in this region of space. Jacobs confesses to not having an answer for this alien program, besides describing what he knows.

[ A witness speaks of secret plans in play. It is as if humanity is an adolescent race, squandering its great inheritance of the earth. Some promising adolescents fail to reach adulthood as free adults. Unscrupulous parties sometimes separate adolescents from great inheritances. The New Message from God calls this the Intervention. This is from the revelation “The Greater Community Presence in the World.” Marshall Vian Summers received this revelation in 1997.

“There are several allied races who are in the world today who are attempting to biologically and genetically bond with humanity in order to gain the adaptive ability to live and to function in this world. If they are able to do this effectively, then they will become the rulers of mankind.”

What are we to do about this? Secrecy is a crucial part of the enterprise. I therefore join with David Jacobs in his crying out to expose.]

* * *

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  1. Thank you Douglas for sharing your review of Dr David Jacobs book “Aliens Among Us”.You have covered so many aspects he presents admirably,certainly not a simple task.The introduction to the work of Marshall Vian Summers and his coverage of this subject greatly assists those wishing to explore further.

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