A Time of Vigilance

A Time of Vigilance

For me the Messenger’s Vigil 2014 was a time of vigilance, a time for coming to a deeper awareness and understanding of what this Message, the New Message from God, means for the world as a whole and to me in particular. A time of vigilance is a time for being alert and watchful for signs and signals that might be significant. I believe a lot of signals were given during this Vigil, I hope I was vigilant enough to catch them.
This was my first time to attend a New Message Vigil live. This year, I was vigilant enough to realize that the time of the evening broadcasts in Boulder, Colorado coincided nicely with the time I am usually up and about in the morning on the other side of the world in Moscow, Russia. I am an early riser and awoke naturally at just the right time each morning to be seated at my computer, my hands cupped warmly around a mug of fragrant coffee, in time for the start of each broadcast.

Here I would like to write briefly about each broadcast of the seven-day Vigil and highlight what spoke to me most clearly.

Day One: January 22 – The Life of the Messenger hosted by Reed and Patricia, with a brief appearance by Marshall

“The seven day Messenger Vigil commemorates the man sent into the world to receive The New Message from God. Across a long journey of many decades, Marshall Vian Summers has brought to us a revelation of vast scope, the largest body of revelation ever to be received in recorded history — over 9000 pages of divine wisdom, prophecy and a new spiritual practice to guide humanity into the next chapter of evolution and emergence.

“Like peering into the multi-faceted heart of a diamond, these sacred days are given to us to penetrate the mystery of our relationship with this man, the first Greater Community Messenger sent to Earth.”

This first broadcast was indeed like peering into the multi-faceted heart of a diamond for me. I am only just beginning to penetrate the mystery of my relationship with the Messenger. If I am to be totally honest with myself and with you, I will say that I do not really know who he is. Something deep within me responds when I see him talk, but it is from a place beyond my surface mind that I do not fully understand. Every time I see him talk though, there are words that reach me and leave a deep impression on me.

This time, Marshall spoke for around 6 minutes of the total hour and 15 minutes, appearing at around 1:02.20 into the broadcast and speaking until 1:08.11, but for me those six minutes were packed with the most profound words, full of signs and signals. Here are a few of the moments that sang to me.

I bring to you the mystery of your life.

The mystery of my life is what is most precious to me, and Marshall is bringing it to me.

I ask you to be what you really are—not pathetic, not self-demeaning, not weak, not prone to domination or manipulation, but to be what and who you really are.

For someone prone to this kind of petty deprecation, I rise to the challenge of being who I really am, remembering who I really am.

Your heart will be glad that you have finally found what you need and what you are looking for.

My heart is truly glad for I indeed feel that I have found what I need and what I have been looking for all my life.

To trust me is to trust what is true within you.

This spoke to me so profoundly, I recognize its truth.

Day 2: January 23 – The Origin and Lineage of the Messenger hosted by Ana and Ellen

A celebration, honor and reverence of the mystery and reality of the Messenger’s origins… his lineage, his qualities, his mission, his future and destiny…

Ana asked an important question for me at the beginning of the broadcast, saying, if the emphasis so far has been on the Message and not the Messenger, why the Vigil? If it is the Message that is important, why stop and focus for these seven days on the Messenger? She suggested we feel this question out within ourselves, asking ourselves whether all this attention on the Messenger brings up discomfort?

I asked myself these questions and this is what I came up with.

I cannot claim to feel any discomfort, incredulity maybe, yes. Incredulity because it is beyond my current realm of understanding that there is a person on earth sent by the Angelic Assembly that watches over our world to bring us a New Revelation from God. His presence is inexpliable. I am willing to accept inexplicable things.

Day 3: January 24 – The Story of the Messenger hosted by Reed and Will

Marshall Vian Summers, like the Messengers before him, is a symbol of the emergence of Knowledge within the individual. 

In his 64 years in manifest life, he discovered the greater Knowledge he carried within himself and with it the memory of those who sent him and the mission for which he had so long been prepared.

This broadcast helped to shed some light on the Messenger’s past, his life to date, as shared so entertainingly by his son, Reed, and Will, who has been close to the Messenger since the age of 16. I found more interesting information in this text called The Messenger.

One of the highlights was being shown the contents of Marshall’s bag that he carried around with him all the time on the mountain during his initiation as a tool for engaging with the Source. It is a sacred item for him personally, one that helped him make the connection, to entrain so powerfully, as Reed put it.

Day 4: January 25 – The Qualities and Requirements of God’s Messenger hosted by Ayesha and Tyyne

Just as divine revelation has always occurred, Marshall is receiving a gift from God to be given to the world. This is no easy task. Courage, forbearance, stability and humility this has required of him.

Ayesha and Tyyne read some phrases about the qualities and requirements of the Messenger, saying that he passed the test for these requirements. They included fidelity, trustworthiness, restraint, patience, trust, the ability to see errors without condemnation, the ability to be able to wait, to be intelligent but yielding, strong emotionally, dependable, reliable, have discernment, discretion, stability, and be a pillar of strength. I think it is worth pursuing a relationship with somehow who expresses these qualities. They are qualities I wish to emulate.

Day 5: January 26 – The Mission and the Burden of the Messenger hosted by Robert and Jeanine

Marshall Vian Summers is part of a Greater Order. He is the expression of a greater Plan to unite the divided peoples of our world and advance the reclamation of the separated through Knowledge.

This seems like one mighty mission, a burden too great for one man.

Perseverance is another quality of the Messenger. But does perseverance help to lift the burden? From the videos of late I sense the great toll being the Messenger is having on Marshall’s health. It seems to weigh down on him. I feel that one of the purposes of this Vigil, one of the reasons for shifting the emphasis to the Messenger, was a call for help.

Day 6: January 27 – The Future and Destiny of the Messenger hosted by Carol and Darlene

The emergence of Knowledge is possible for each of us. It represents our greater destiny and our higher purpose in life. The Messenger will again, one day, rejoin the Unseen Ones. Yet while he is in the world with us now we can know him and we can join him in support of his divine mission.

This was a day of fulfilled expectations and complete surprises. My expectation of seeing Darlene host one of the broadcasts was fulfilled, but it came as a complete surprise when my birthday letter to Marshall was read out on the air as a testimony. It was beautifully and gently read by a beautiful and gentle woman who said she would like to meet me in person. I feel I would like to meet her too. At the time, I felt abashed, but in hindsight, I think I might call it serendipitous.

Day 7: January 28 – The Assembly Celebration of the Birth of The Messenger, His Presence in the World and His Mission to Serve the Earth hosted by Reed and Patricia with an appearance by Marshall

“The Assembly watches and waits for those who can respond to the Message that God is sending into the world at this moment, for the Messenger is now coming forth to speak, to proclaim and to teach the Revelation. He has been withheld for a long time until the Message was complete. Now it is complete, and the world is in great need of it, greater than you can realize at this moment.Heaven watches and waits to see who can receive, who can recognize, who can take the Steps to Knowledge and receive the gift of a greater life.” ~ The Assembly

I was pleased to see Marshall looking revitalized and energized as he spoke on his birthday. He talked of recognition being only the first step, it is not yet relationship. Recognition is acknowledgment of what is true in another person, but relationship is based on what people can do together. For me this means, taking action, walking the talk.

Another thing I noticed was that all the women of the Society who hosted the daily broadcasts and those that spoke and gave their testimonies are so youthful, with radiant glowing skin, Patricia being the epitome of this during this last broadcast on Marshall’s birthday. This is also something I want and wish to emulate.

A time of vigilance it was indeed. Not only was I alert and watchful, able to catch signs and signals, I felt that something inexplicably meaningful happened. I felt raised to a new level of vibration and awareness, so grateful and comforted to have found these people who are spearheading evolution of our planet and wanting to be a part.

I also share Douglas’s feelings about the Vigil, it too gave me happy feelings of encouragement and strengthening, a feeling of community with other New Message people around the world, with the Society members in Boulder, and with Marshall Vian Summers himself.

* * *

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