A Time Of Validation

time of validation

The Vigil is upon us once again. This week, from January 22-28, 2016, responders to the New Message from God around the world have been joining with those gathered in the Sanctuary in Colorado to celebrate and honor this time of Revelation. For me, it has been a time of validation.

The Messenger Vigil is a time when the Messenger “holds prayer that Knowledge may emerge in the human family in time and in enough people.”

This year, the third year I have attended this Vigil, I was deeply impressed by the organization and integrity of the broadcasts. It seems that the Vigil is growing and expanding along with the New Message and Worldwide Community themselves, reflecting a growing maturity, cohesion, and unity. It expresses the purity, honesty, and truth of God’s New Revelation, as well as the sincerity of the Messenger and all those assisting him in this monumental task.

For me personally, it has been a time of validation. It is validating for me the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs I have about what is happening in the world today, what is happening to humanity today. These thoughts, feelings and beliefs have been emerging, growing and crystallizing over the past three years, and now I am feeling with ever greater and growing certainty that this is my true path, nothing else will do. There is no turning back now. I cannot ignore what I have found, I cannot deny what I have recognized, I cannot pretend that what I now know is not the truth.

A time of validation

I would like to recap briefly on each day of the Vigil and present its highlights, although there is much more to be gleaned from listening to the broadcasts all the way through.

January 22 Night One: God, Creation, The Separation and the Greater Community.

We heard the beginning of a Revelation never before revealed to the world called The Origin. It spoke fundamentally to me, clarifying and validating what I already sense to be true.

Marshall spoke at the 47 minute 30 second mark, saying that he hoped we would be able to hear and feel the things that must be heard and felt about ourselves and the world around us. He also talked about holding back, about being receptive to times when you feel you are being held back, held back from going with the masses and convention, held back from entering relationships that are ultimately not to your benefit, held back from something that looks enticing, but may not have your best interests at heart. These are the times when Knowledge is speaking to you.

I have experienced this holding back.

January 23 Night Two:How God Speaks to the World.

We listened to part of the Revelation called How God Speaks to the World.

God speaks to the individual through Knowledge.

God speaks to the world through Revelation.

God delivers Revelation through the Messenger.

God is calling you to respond

Marshall speaks at the 44 minute mark: “Those who have come into the world to be a part of a new Revelation will only respond to a new Revelation. If this is your destiny there is nothing else that will speak to you the way this speaks to you. If this is where you’re meant to find your way and to build your foundation – a new foundation in a greatly changing world – you cannot build it anywhere else. You cannot be satisfied with anything else.”

This spoke deeply to me.

January 24 Night Three: The Message and the Messenger.

The Revelation we explored on this day was called The Requirements of the Messenger. 

I was very moved while listening to the qualities the Messenger has, the qualities required of him, which he indeed possesses and manifests in his life and in his relationships. These are strength, consistency, stability, compassion, concern, clarity, humility, to name a few. As I listened to this list of qualities, I was struck by the purity and veracity of this. These are the fundamental qualities every human being should have. This is a pure example to emulate. There is no pomposity, no ambition, no loud claiming that this is the absolute truth, no glory-seeking or ulterior motives, just pure and simple stating of the way things are – walk with me, or walk a different way and see where it takes you.

January 25 Night Four:The Mission of the Messenger.

The mission of the messenger is to receive a New Revelation from God for humanity, bring the next revelations into the world and clarify the former revelations.

In a nutshell, the mission of the messenger is:

To give the revelation to humanity.

To call forth Knowledge in the human family.

To provide the preparation for the world for the Great Waves of Change and humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community.

To serve God’s plan.

Marshall said the following in response to what it means to serve God’s plan: “God’s plan is to raise humanity up so that it may survive the Great Waves of Change, so that it may be an exemplary race in the universe at the level of Knowledge.”

Marshall’s mission is not only to receive the Revelation, but to represent it and speak for it in the world. He needs support and assistance in his mission for he cannot bear the burden alone. We ask ourselves if we are ready to give this support and assistance. I know I am.

January 26 Night Five: Why the New Message Now? 

God has spoken again because of Four Fundamental crises on Earth:

Environmental – Humanity is facing Great Waves of environmental, social and economic change and upheaval that have the power to destroy human civilization.

Cosmic – Humanity is entering into the Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe and there is intervention from forces beyond our world. This is the greatest event in human history, yet humanity is unaware and unprepared.

Religious – The religions of the world have failed to find unity and are divided and in conflict with each other, generating great religious violence in the world.

Spiritual – People everywhere suffer with a spiritual poverty and a state of separation from Knowledge. At the same time, the power of the human spirit is being suppressed through economic, religious and political oppression and is unable to emerge in enough people.

Marshall’s words shared by Patricia Summers: “Service to the world is more important than your personal evolution. Your personal evolution will be furthered through your service to the world, in this you must serve people in real situations rather than ideas and beliefs alone.”

A time of validation. So we are here to serve.

January 27 Night Six: The Messenger’s Calling.

Marshall speaks at the 40 minute mark, saying, “clearly if there is a calling for you and for the world, it means you have come here to fulfill a destiny.”

Not everyone can and will respond, but if you feel a stirring, if you feel a deeper yearning for something more, something greater, some knowing that there is more to life than meets the eye, how will you respond? Will you respond? If you are called, you will know, and there will be no turning back.

January 28 Night Seven: Walking with the Messenger.

This was a resounding end to an incredible week of journeying with the Messenger and the responders around the world.

We explored the Revelation received in Malaysia on October 21, 2012 while Marshall was visiting students in that country called Walking with the Messenger.

A thought descended on me, a thought I have been thinking for several months now: Will the Messenger ever come to Russia? I wish to do everything I am able to bring the New Message to Russians. I have felt this calling from the beginning, but it builds and strengthens with each passing year. Now, in the aftermath of the Vigil, it is rising to its full height and potency. I will continue to prepare and be patient.

The 2016 Vigil has been a momentous time of validation for me. I pray that it has touched a deep chord of recognition and validation in others too.

* * *

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