A Return To True Relationship

return to true relationship

A return to true relationship is, in a sense, what Steps to Knowledge represents, according to Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger of the New Message from God, who received the sacred text “Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing” during a 20-day period in 1989. He shared these words with us on Day 11 of the 2015 Steps Vigil currently in session to commemorate this portentous time.

Here is a full transcript of his message on that day, in which he puts the gist of Steps to Knowledge in a nutshell, in words as simple and as potent as Steps themselves. Marshall begins speaking at the 42.55 mark.

“I’d like to say a few words about Steps to Knowledge tonight — why it is here, what it means and what it’s intended to do for all who can study it. First of all, Steps to Knowledge is an ancient teaching that has been used in the universe in many places. What we are receiving now is the version of Steps to Knowledge designed for the human family, designed for our temperament, our world, our potential, our crises, our general condition.

“It is a gift from the Creator of all life through the Angelic Assembly. It is being presented in a pure form as it was received. It has a series of steps that work both practically and mysteriously to re-engage you with the deeper intelligence that God has put within you which alone holds the truth about who you are and why you’re here in the world at this time, and what you’re here to achieve.

“This deeper part of you that exists beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect is without corruption. It is not afraid of the world. It does not think the way that your worldly mind thinks, your worldly mind that has been conditioned to such a great degree by your environment and experience of life here.

“This deeper knowledge represents your true nature, the immortal aspect of yourself that is still connected to God. And this connection defies all religious understanding and explanation. It is so fundamental and so elemental to who you are and what you’re here to do.

“It is through knowledge that the will of the Creator can be expressed, as Alison pointed out tonight. So in one sense Steps to Knowledge can be seen as a return to true relationship — a true relationship with yourself, a true relationship between the part of you that is wandering and lost in the world and the part of you that is still at your foundation, connected to your source and to your purpose here. It is your return to true relationship with others based upon purpose and destiny, for there are certain other people in life whom you are destined to find and to meet, and they, too, hold the key and part of the puzzle to your life, for they are destined to do something important in the world with you.

“Beyond all the attractions of beauty, wealth and charm, this connection at the level of Knowledge is so powerful in relationship. Steps to Knowledge is your return to true relationship with those who sent you into the world, who exist beyond the visible range, who watch over you to see if you can find within yourself that deeper need, that greater desire for meaning, true relationship and purpose that can initiate a return, another dimension of your life, the most important activity that you can engage in.

“For God saves all who are separated through Knowledge and unites them purposefully in meaningful relationships to bring service, grace and value to this world and to all worlds in the universe. So great is the plan of God that no theology could contain it or explain it.

“For God has spoken again now in a world of cataclysmic change, a world of religious violence and division, a world facing the realities of life in the universe for the very first time, for a humanity who is unprepared and unaware of what is coming over the horizon. [It is] a great gift of preparation.

“And Steps to Knowledge represents, within God’s New Revelation for the world, part of that preparation. It is so essential, given in words so simple, yet so deep, that you cannot exhaust its wealth and its wisdom. Given in a form easily translatable into other languages, so that it may speak to people of all faith traditions and nationalities, rich and poor, in all corners of the world.

“Only the genius of the Creator could create such a thing, that could reach so many peoples who live in such different parts of the world, such different realities , speak to them, bring them together and set in motion a great force of unity and cooperation which will be necessary for humanity to survive the Great Waves of Change that are coming — great environmental waves of change, times of great upheaval and uncertainty.

“This is not the end times. This is the time of great transition where humanity faces a challenge of creating a greater unity in preparation for its engagement with a universe full of intelligent life, a non-human universe where freedom is rare.

“Steps to Knowledge and The New Revelation from God is to prepare humanity for this as well. If you can take these Steps, even if you cannot take all of them at once, it will bring about a profound and fundamental change in your life, at a deeper level — not just a change of ideas or beliefs — but a change of orientation, how you regard yourself, others and the whole world.

“Only the power of Heaven can do this, and the power of Heaven is in Steps to Knowledge. May this power be yours to receive and to study and to take a greater journey that has been waiting for you for so long.”

A return to true relationship

Describing taking the Steps to Knowledge as a return to true relationship struck a deep chord with me, because I struggle with the concept of relationship as it is presented in the New Message. I often feel overwhelmed and lost in the relationship department, not sure which way to turn, where to engage, where to move on. So I felt very comforted to learn that a return to true relationship primarily refers to my relationship with myself, true relationship between the part of me that is wandering and lost in the world and the part of me that is still at my foundation, connected to my source and to my purpose here. These words help me to understand this return to true relationship.

* * *

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