A Great Calling Goes Forth

A great calling goes forth

This is the fifth post in a series of posts on the revelation “The Great Turning Point for Humanity.” This revelation is a small part of the New Message from God. The first post is here. The previous post is here.

UPDATE 06/09/2021: The next post in the series is here.

What have we seen so far? Humanity is facing a future it does not foresee. Humanity faces a future for which is it unprepared. In a number of paragraphs, this revelation describes the consequences of human environmental destruction. In other paragraphs, this revelation describes the extraterrestrial intervention currently underway. The New Message from God is in the world to help mankind prepare for the future.

A great calling goes forth

The following is the 21st paragraph of this teaching. I will add my experience of each paragraph in brackets.

This is a great calling out of self-obsession; a great calling out of trying to fulfill yourself in a world where fulfillment cannot really be obtained; a calling out of the confusion and your self-denial; a calling out of human conflict, human will and human domination.

[What do regular people consider to be fulfillment? Consuming more resources than others? Dying with more toys? My personal mind is incapable of contemplating my purpose, meaning or direction. Any one who wants what they think they know is facing confusion. Whoever believes what they want to believe is staring into the abyss.]

To even begin, you must face the reality We speak of here today and have spoken of throughout God’s New Revelation for the world. It is not like what you think. And if you face it, you may feel overwhelmed and hopeless, but God has already put the hope within you, the power within you, the strength within you – deep within you.

[There are two books in the New Message from God that describe this reality. The Great Waves of Change is one of them, and The New World is the other. The hope, power and strength is in the form of Knowledge. God has placed it within every human being, but it takes desire and capacity to reclaim it.]

Your intellect is too small and too weak and too preoccupied and too conditioned by the world to be able to see and know what to do. You need a Revelation from God. And that is what has been given.

[God has spoken again, for the first time since the days of Mohammed. God has spoken again because the world faces a difficult road ahead.]

Who has the humility and the honesty to face and accept this? Here you will see who is courageous and who is not, who is humble and who is not, who is responding and who is not, who is open to the future and who is not, who is free enough from their own investment in their position in life and their ideology to face something new and great and powerful.

[A great calling goes forth. I’m not sure who has the humility and the honesty to face and accept this. It takes some effort to unwind one’s investments.]

You can see it as a great test, and test you it will, certainly. But what you are facing is reality and the consequence of your own misuse of the world, and the consequence of facing and not facing a universe of intelligent life, a consequence of being divorced from nature and reality’s most powerful and complete manifestation.

[I consider “reality’s most powerful and complete manifestation” to be Knowledge.]

You must be honest enough to say you do not know what to do. You must be honest enough to say you cannot make a plan. You must be honest enough to say your ideas are too small for this.

[There are people in my world who have this honesty.]

But it is your destiny to be here. You were sent into the world to be here at these times, to face the great things that We speak of here today. That part of you that was sent and that knows this resides beneath the surface of your mind. You have the ability to see this and know this if you can go deeper within yourself.

[Most people think of themselves as thrown into the world, born against their will. But what if I agreed to come here? What if I requested to come here? Can I hear these words “You were sent into the world…?” Can you? A great calling goes forth.]

* * *

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