A Few People Have Helped Quite A Bit

Ana Burrows in the offices of the Society for the New Message from God. A few people have helped quite a bit

I believe many excellent ideas have failed to catch on in the world, for the lack of an organization to promote those ideas, I believe many unfortunate ideas have taken root and flourished in the world because of the passionate intensity of its supporters. The New Message from God has an organization, The Society for the New Message from God. This society recently celebrated its 21st birthday. The New Message from God has some passionate supporters, who shared a little bit about what they do in this video.

The Step 35 Review in Steps to Knowledge refers to “the Greater Community Way of Knowledge.” When the Society was founded, it was originally called “The Society for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge.” I believe the name was changed to its current name sometime in the 00’s. The Society started out with four people, and has grown to nine members and four core assistants.

A few people have helped quite a bit

What has the Society done over the past twenty years? They have documented and archived the messages received by Marshall Vian Summers over the past 32 years (a daunting task in itself). I seem to recall someone using the phrase “terabytes of audio” at the 2012 Encampment. They have published a number of books, which are in various stages of translation into 18 different languages. They operate a small flotilla of websites, one of which gets a substantial amount of traffic They have produced a number of events and gatherings, such as the now-annual Encampment. They operate an online school where the teachings of the New Message are studied and discussed in detail by roughly 1,300 students from roughly 90 countries.

How much money does it take to do all this? The Society’s expenditures were roughly $380,000 last year. I recall it being something close to that in 2012. This is a delicate subject. On the one hand, the Society doesn’t bombard its constituents with solicitations for money. There is a donation page on the website, but the link to it is buried at the bottom of the front page, quite a bit below the fold. It is my experience that the Society and its members go to significant lengths to avoid the very appearance of covetousness. On the other hand, the Society’s income fell short of its expenditures by about $80,000. Society member Ana Burrows (pictured above), sharing this news in the video, said “We didn’t break even last year, either.” Do the 1,300 students of the online school (like myself) need to step up? Maybe.

Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Will the New Message catch on in the world? I don’t know. But if it does, I believe the historians will record that the efforts of the Society was one of the reasons. A few people have helped quite a bit.


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