A Clearing in the Forest: 2018 Steps Vigil

A clearing in the forest.

A clearing in the forest

The Steps Vigil is upon us once again. This year sees the 29th anniversary of this destiny-changing event.

I will remind you that from May 26 through June 14, the New Message from God Worldwide Community commemorates the reception of Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing. This 20-day period of time offers an opportunity to learn for the first time or experience anew the reality of Knowledge as revealed through the daily practices of Steps to Knowledge. This universal practice, introduced for the first time in our world, exceeds most of our expectations and needs if it is studied adequately and applied wisely in the realm of life and relationships.

The Steps Vigil is not only a time to commemorate the period in 1989 when Marshall Vian Summers received the Steps to Knowledge, but also a time to reflect on our personal journey through Steps and take stock of where we have been and where the journey ahead may lead.

A Clearing in the Forest

Reed and Patricia Summers host Day One of the Steps Vigil. Reed opens the Vigil by saying that this is a time to come back to a clearing in the forest, return to that open space within us where the reality of Knowledge abides. It is a compassionate space to which we come as we are, with all our trials and tribulations, with all our difficulties and dilemmas. Here we are who we are and we accept ourselves that way. Here we come back to the fundamental reality of Knowledge within us.

Reed asks us three questions:

  1. What do you need from this Vigil?
  2. What opportunities does this Vigil give to you?
  3. How can the Vigil take you in the direction you need to go?

At this point in my studenthood, I find myself at a crossroads, at a place of questioning and seeking. I am seeking to know a deeper truth, seeking for greater clarity and vision. So 1) I need this Vigil to show me the clear path. 2) This Vigil gives me the opportunity to take a spiritual retreat and contemplate on the depth of my commitment and dedication. 3) As I stand at this current fork in the road and scratch my head, I am looking to the Vigil to nudge me in the direction I need to go. I am taking some honest inventory and looking for signs. I am looking for prompts from Knowledge. I trust the insights I receive during this Vigil will shed light on my further journey.

A Clearing in the Forest

The highlight of this first day in the 2018 Steps Vigil was Marshall’s brief appearance. I don’t think anyone was expecting it, I know I certainly wasn’t, since Marshall has been dealing with a serious health challenge for the past couple of months and has just come through some rigorous treatment. He has demonstrated his strength and forbearance throughout his life so far, and continues to do so when faced with this new challenge. He has risen to this challenge, just as he has risen to every other challenge in his life to date. He is a worthy example to follow in every undertaking and pursuit. He shows us the meaning of Step 244. I am honored when others are strong.

“When you are strong, others are honored. When they are strong, you are honored. In this way, Knowledge affirms itself in the world, where Knowledge has been forgotten.”

This day in 1989, the first 35 Steps were received.

I invite you to join the Vigil daily at 7.00 pm Mountain Daylight Time during this 20-day period.

* * *

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