A Clear Pathway Forward

a clear pathway forward

The time is once more upon us, and I am seeing a clear pathway forward. This is my experience today as the Steps Vigil 2015 begins.

Douglas wrote about the Steps Vigil 2014 here.

I will remind you of what this is about.

From May 26 through June 14 we commemorate the reception of Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing. This 20-day period of time is offered to us as an opportunity to learn for the first time or experience anew the reality of Knowledge and Spiritual Practice as revealed through the daily practices of Steps to Knowledge. This universal practice, introduced for the first time in our world, exceeds most of our expectations and needs if it is studied adequately and applied wisely in the realm of life and relationships.

All are welcome to attend in person or online to honor, deepen and engage in this special time.

A clear pathway forward.

In my part of the world, the daily broadcasts of the Steps Vigil begin at 4 am. Even for an early bird like me, it is rather a challenge to awaken with enough time to be seated before my computer monitor as the broadcast begins. But I try my best. On Day One, I was an hour late because I had miscalculated the time, but I was there to hear the three questions Reed asked us to consider

  • What do you need in entering this Vigil?
  • What opportunities does this Vigil give to you?
  • In light of the need that you have, and the opportunity of this Vigil, what really matters for you now?

We were asked to take pen and paper and write down our responses, which I did.

A little later at the 1.14.37 mark, Marshall Vian Summers spoke. His words moved me deeply and seemed to be speaking to the very heart of my experience today. I truly feel a clear pathway forward is being lain for me.

I offer a transcript of his words here:

“It is my sincere desire that you will hear the Voice of Revelation when you read the words in Steps to Knowledge. You’ve all had a chance now to hear the Voice, which has been revealed for the first time in our world. And Steps to Knowledge, in its current form, is being revealed for the first time in our world, at a time of greatest consequence for the human family, a time of greatest consequence for you who have heard this call.

“It is a wondrous thing you know.

“And while it evokes great appreciation, it also is the most serious thing, the most important thing. My wish is that you will hear this Voice as it is speaking to you, directly to you. As if the Assembly had called you in front of them and wanted to impart everything you need to know, to find your way, to contribute your gifts, and to fulfill your work in the course of your remaining years. My wish is that you will feel this and take it very personally, and feel the gratitude that this has come into your life, and the seriousness of what this means for your life.

“This is not a personal enhancement, this is God talking to you; the pathway for you, instructing you, honoring you, and requiring greater things of you, that you are designed to give.

“It gives me great joy that so many people and increasing numbers of people are beginning to experience this. And it is my great desire that they, like you, will hear this speaking to them very directly, and that they will take this personally, as if it is speaking to them directly. If you can feel this and know this, then you will know that you are not alone, and that those who sent you into the world are watching over you, even now. May the Presence be with us and may we be with them.

“Nasi Novare Coram.”

I took these words out into my garden after the broadcast was over and sat in the morning sun contemplating. I feel that the new home I have been given to live in is evidence of the miracle of Steps to Knowledge manifesting itself in my life. I am seeing a clear pathway forward. And then I received the following email.

A Clear Pathway Forward

To come to terms with the deeper meaning of your life, the greater purpose of your life, there must be a deep evaluation, and this evaluation will be ongoing. It is fundamentally an evaluation regarding relationships.

But we use the word relationship here in a more complete sense, for everything that you are associated with represents a relationship—your possessions, your home, your employment, the world itself, the change that is occurring within the world, the nation in which you live and many other things as well. They all represent relationship.

This is a very important way of looking at your involvement in the world, for it gives you a very clear pathway to follow in discerning what is valuable and what is not, what is helpful and what is a hindrance, what will be needed in the future and what will hold you back. Your relationships are not just with people, but with places, with things, with events, with nations and with the whole world itself.

To begin a deep evaluation of your life and circumstances read The Great Waves of ChangeChapter 5.

This is in perfect harmony with what has surfaced for me as the Steps Vigil 2015 begins.

* * *

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