A Challenge From Which There Is No Escape

A challenge from which there is no escape

This is the third post in a series of posts about the revelation “The Great Turning Point for Humanity.” This is a small part of the New Message from God. The first post is here. The previous post is here.

UPDATE 04/24/2021: The next post is here.

What have we seen so far? Humanity faces great environmental change as a result of its actions. Humanity faces a challenge to its freedom from extraterrestrial intervention. But God has spoken again, to provide humanity with a way of meeting these great challenges. Will humanity respond? Will humanity prepare?

A challenge from which there is no escape

The following is the eleventh paragraph of this teaching. I will add my experience of each paragraph in brackets.

For God would only speak again if this were the case for the whole human family. Enough has been provided over the centuries to uplift human ethics and morality, even though these things are largely neglected or avoided in the world today.

[The “case” refers to the previous sentence. “What is coming is a great challenge, an ordeal, a difficult road ahead.” Loving your neighbor as yourself solves a lot of problems. But we seem to need more than this to successfully meet what we are facing.]

There must be a great danger, a great difficulty, but also a great opportunity. For what can unite a fractured humanity—contentious with itself, filled with revenge and anger and the need or desire to conquer others? What could overcome this—which seems so endemic in the world today, and growing worse by the day it seems—but a great challenge for all who dwell here, a challenge that will affect everyone, a challenge from which there is no escape? There is only preparation and rising to meet a great set of circumstances.

[I recall Ronald Reagan’s speech to the UN in 1987. He said ““I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?” Will humanity rise to the occasion?]

This is not a time to retreat and work on your own spiritual understanding, or to run away from the world and hide somewhere, or to think that everything is over or that everything is just beginning. It is a continuation, you see, for humanity, over the past few centuries in particular, has affected the world in so many ways, degraded the world in so many ways, has overexploited the world.

[Again, we don’t need your enlightenment. We face a challenge from which there is no escape. We need your determination and adaptability. We need your active participation on behalf of human survival and freedom. When I read “past few centuries in particular,” I think of the Industrial Revolution.]

This is what has brought Intervention from beyond, for this world is valued by others who have been watching for a very long time. They seek to plant themselves here, secretly. They are not military, so they have no great show of force, but they are very persuasive. And at times like this when people become disoriented, or are frightened or anxious, or live with growing anxiety, this persuasion can become very strong—turning the human mind, turning people against their own institutions and leaders, turning people to the Intervention itself.

[To me, it is as if humanity is an adolescent race, heir to a great treasure of Earth and its resources. But unscrupulous parties sometimes separate adolescents from their inheritances. David Jacobs has documented this secret planting.]

To have any sense of what is occurring and what is coming, you must have the courage to face certain things that perhaps far exceed what you even thought was possible. You must be able to respond. You must be responsible.

[It takes a certain mental and emotional preparation to face these things. It is important to have a strategy for confronting fear. We have a program of mental and emotional preparation. It’s called Steps to Knowledge. We face a challenge from which there is no escape. But we do not face it empty-handed.]

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