A Certain Amount Of Resolve Is Necessary Here

The word “devil” does not appear in Steps to Knowledge.  However, there is a voice in my head, which would have a smug smirk on its face (if it had a face) commenting on my practice of observation in step 19, and saying “So, you’re going to become more whole, more consistent, more honest, more devoted, by staring at a hockey puck, eh?”

My comeback to this voice is “The staring at the hockey puck is only part of the practice of step 19 of 365 steps.  So mock my staring at the hockey puck if you feel like it.  Like I care. I’m going to follow the Steps and be a competent student with a beginner’s mind, instead of a know-it-all judge.”

The practice for step 20 “I will not let doubt and confusion slow my progress,” is the same observation practice as for step 19.  I used a small stone as the object for one of the observation practices.  I don’t recall what I used for the second observation practice, I only recall that I did it.


* * *

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