What Kind Of God Are We Talking About?

In October of 2016, I mentioned the publication of the book “The One God,” a book of the New Message from God. I didn’t share too much of it at the time. This is another post in a series of Amazon … Continue reading

There Is A New Message From God In The World

There is a New Message from God in the world. If some improbable event granted me the world’s attention for even a very short time, I would tell the world this: There is a New Message from God in the … Continue reading

Шаги к Знанию: Путь К Самому Себе

Шаги к Знанию открывают путь к самому себе. Шаги к Знанию, то есть, «Шаги к Знанию – Книга Внутреннего Познания», переводятся на разные языки мира. По сей день, Шаги к Знанию полностью переведены на 10 языков и ещё 10 переводов … Continue reading

The Messenger’s Vigil – Understanding the Great Coordination

Understanding the Great Coordination is vital to our participation and preparation. On Day Five of the 2017 Messenger’s Vigil, we explore the Great Coordination and entering the reality of the Great Coordination. We try to come to a deeper understanding … Continue reading