We Could Evolve Instead Of Self-Destruct

We could evolve instead of self-destruct
HIROSHIMA, JAPAN – MAY 26: Vehicles travel through downtown near Hondori on May 26, 2016 in Hiroshima.

Today, August 10, 2020, is a happy day on the Calendar of the Uniting World. It marks 75 years of humanity going without using a nuclear weapon in warfare.

We could evolve instead of self-destruct

We could evolve instead of self-destruct
Nagasaki today

By “nuclear weapon” I mean either a fission weapon or a fusion weapon. America used fission weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Nations of the world have only tested fusion weapons, also called thermonuclear weapons or hydrogen bombs. No nation has tested a fusion weapon since November 1, 1952 (No, I don’t believe North Korea). My people have refrained from using our most destructive weapon for almost 68 years. We have gone almost three years since the last nuclear test (September 3, 2017 by North Korea). I have written a number of posts about this happy day here, here and here.

What does the New Message from God say about nuclear weapons?

I have neglected to share what the New Message from God teaches regarding nuclear weapons. I am happy for an occasion to remedy this. The first book of New Message teachings is Wisdom from the Greater Community, Book One, published in the early 1990’s. One of the chapters in that book is a revelation titled “World Evolution.” Marshall Vian Summers received this revelation in November of 1987. The next two paragraphs are a quote from that revelation.

“Nuclear arms? I know that what I am about to say will get some of you going, but there will not be nuclear disarmament completely for a long time to come because people need something to hold themselves in check. People have given a greater authority to their creations than to themselves to keep themselves from attacking their neighbors.

So, nuclear arms will be with you for awhile, but they will decrease. It is part of the evolution of your world that humanity keep itself out of major warfare until its societies can unite. The world cannot afford another major war here. There cannot even be a local war anymore. This seems strange, but you see, it is established to allow things to come together. It is not good. It is not bad. It is foolish, but it is what humanity prescribes. There will be nuclear weapons in your life for a long time to come.”

This was spoken 33 years ago, and has proved to be true. I have wondered what is meant by “the evolution of your world.” I think it means “one of the scheduled stops on the world’s journey.” I consider the possibility that the world has figured out that it cannot afford another all-out war. We’re still working on renouncing local wars. We could evolve instead of self-destruct.

Destructive power attracts scrutiny

We could evolve instead of self-destruct. The other mention of nuclear weapons is in Book One of The Allies of Humanity, published in the late 1990’s. I have written a review of this book. The following paragraph is a quote from that book.

“It is necessary for people everywhere to understand that humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life. Your world is being “visited” by several alien races and by several different organizations of races. This has been actively going on for some time. There have been visitations throughout human history, but nothing of this magnitude. The advent of nuclear weapons [emphasis mine] and the destruction of your natural world have brought these forces to your shores.”

In our world, any demonstration of strength by a nation draws the scrutiny of other nations. It is now common knowledge that the Soviet Union successfully infiltrated the Manhattan Project. But most people think from a purely human perspective. They haven’t yet considered the possibility of scrutiny and intervention from alien races or collectives.

A lot is said in not too many words

We could evolve instead of self-destruct. I find it remarkable that the New Message from God has said so little about something that concerns so many people. It has given me a frame for efforts at nuclear disarmament. Just because it seems difficult doesn’t make it a less worthy effort. If you are concerned about nuclear weapons, work on world unity.

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