2013 Encampment Press Release

The Denver Post picked up the press release that was sent out to publicize the 2012 Encampment of the New Message from God.  Other attendees wrote accounts of their Encampment experience here and here.  Here is the press release for this year:

Annual “Hajj” held in Colorado for the New Message from God

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 12, 2013 — On Sept 5th, followers of the religious movement, the New Message from God, will convene in Estes Park, Colorado for their fifth annual five-day gathering.

Based on the revelations of Marshall Vian Summers, the New Message from God spans 9200 pages of text and 820 recorded discourses. Now translated into 16 languages, the New Message from God has spurred the growth of a diverse religious body with members in many countries. The 2013 Encampment will see pilgrims from across North America, Europe and Asia.

The Encampment is a five-day event focused on the revelations and practices that constitute living the New Message from God. Of primary focus are the pillars of being a student of the New Message:

1) Studying the revealed texts and spiritual practices contained in the New Message from God

2) Advocating for a unified world response to climate change, depletion of the Earth’s resources and the oppression of women and the poor

3) Sharing the New Message from God with others

4) Giving to support the emergence of the New Message from God in the world

5) Honoring Marshall Vian Summers as God’s Messenger

The New Message from God began in 1983 when Summers had a mysterious and shocking encounter in which his mind and voice were “overtaken by an Angelic presence” who told him to “record”. His followers claim that what emerged from his voice thereafter were the words of a new testament containing an unprecedented revelation for humanity.

Just as Muslims consider Muhammad to be the messenger from God, students of the New Message consider Marshall Vian Summers the messenger through which God is now speaking again. For them, the annual Encampment is the equivalent of the Islamic Hajj, except that at this historic pilgrimage God’s Messenger will actually be present.

Summers claims his revelations are not based on Christian or Muslim traditions; however, the New Message from God states that Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad were all messengers and that approximately once every millennium, God sends a message and a messenger to deliver something new and unprecedented to the human family.

For more information about the 2013 Encampment or to interview attendees, please contact Will Burrows at 1-303-938-8401 or society@newmessage.org.

SOURCE The Society for the New Message from God

RELATED LINK:http://www.newmessage.org

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