2012 New Message Encampment – Getting To Boulder

I am grateful for having been at the recent Encampment of the New Message from God. The first one was in 2008, making this the 5th Annual Encampment.  I’ve been writing about my experience to some friends, and I recently got the idea that it might be profitable for my account to be written here also. A fellow student created an excellent poster for the event.

I remember reading about people attending the 2011 Encampment on an online chat of New Message students, and thinking to myself “I want to go to one of those.”  It took about a year of saving and planning to get the resources together for both the tuition ($650) and the travel expenses.  Given that the tuition included four nights of room and board near the Rocky Mountain National Park, I don’t believe Encampment is a money-making proposition for anyone.

This was my first time to fly on Frontier Airlines.  Normally I wouldn’t bother to mention the flight to get there, but it had a couple of curious aspects.  First, the lady who helped me check my bag at the ticketing counter, also showed up at the gate close to the time of departure.  Second, the co-pilot was a lady.  It was the first time I’ve been on a flight with a female co-pilot.  I’m pleased to report that the uneventful flight made the female co-pilot a non-issue.

I make it a point to eat before I get to the airport, as airport food is generally overpriced, in my opinion.  However, the Taco Bell at Denver International Airport had the same prices as most other Taco Bells.

My hotel was just off a street on the south side of Boulder called Baseline.  I later discovered that the name came from the fact that early surveyors used the 40th parallel as the baseline for their survey.  The healthy organic grocery store around the corner from the hotel helped to set the mood.  I spent the night of September 12 in Boulder. The next day would be the first day of Encampment.

* * *

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1 thought on “2012 New Message Encampment – Getting To Boulder

  1. I’m backtracking, but it just occurred to me that the 2012 Encampment followed by your journaling of its events and onward on this website all coincide timewise with my discovery of the New Message. There is probably absolutely no hidden deeper meaning in this for me, but I do love synchronicities like this (like finding out from Darlene that she was in San Francisco in the mid-eighties attending discussion groups about the New Message at the time I was close by in Monterey learning how to be a Russian translator). It somehow confirms for me that there is some intrinsic “method” in all of the world’s “madness” (like your ladies :)).

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