2012 New Message Encampment Day 4 – So When Does This Messenger, You Know, Like, Hang Out?

The evening of September 16, the fourth day of the Encampment of the New Message from God, was a night of singing.

Marshall Summers is quite skillful on the guitar.  I believe he had a lot of fun in the course of the evening.

Marshall, his wife Patricia, and his son Reed practiced T’ai chi ch’uan during Encampment.

I recall watching another instance of them practicing T’ai chi ch’uan during Encampment.  I know it was another instance because they were standing quite a bit further apart than in this photograph.  While Marshall was a little wobbly on the one-leg poses, he seemed quite flexible to me.  I wouldn’t mind being that flexible when I’m 63.

* * *

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