2012 New Message Encampment Day 3 – You May Call Your Next Witness

In the previous post, I claimed that the New Message from God was internally consistent, and offered it as a “witness” that the New Message from God was real.  I will now elaborate on that claim.

When I first encountered the New Message in the fall of 1988, there was a relatively small amount of material available to the public.  I recall listening to a series of five cassette tapes, where each tape contained one of the messages received by Marshall Summers.  The timeline video shows that Marshall had received a total of 161 messages by the end of 1988.  This works out to 18% of the total number of message received by the end of 2011. I recall reading transcripts of some of the messages that were not on the tapes. These transcripts were sent to people on a mailing list.  I was an eyewitness to the reception of at least three of the messages received between 1988 and 1990, two of which were received in Dallas, Texas, and one of which was received in Tyler, Texas.  I say “at least three,” because it might have been more, but I definitely recall three of these occasions.

I recall the subjects of three of the five cassette tapes.  One of the subjects was the Presence of the Teachers, and the development of Self-Knowledge.  In later messages, the term Self-Knowledge was replaced with Knowledge.  One of the tapes was on relationships and sexuality.  One of them was on the subject of humanity’s near future.

The material that was on those cassette tapes was expanded and elaborated on in series of messages, which later became New Message books.  The material on the development of Self-Knowledge tape became part of the material of the book “Steps to Knowledge.” The material on the relationships and sexuality tape became part of the material of the book “Relationships and Higher Purpose.”  The material in the near future tape became part of the material in the book “The Great Waves of Change”

When I say “The New Message from God is internally consistent,” I mean the ideas for which the New Message is now known were received at an early stage in its history.


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