2012 New Message Encampment Day 3 – Will I End Up On The Cutting Room Floor?

During the morning session of the third day of the Encampment of the New Message from God, we listened to the audio of one of the many messages Marshall Summers has received over the past 29 years.  Over the five days of Encampment, we listened to three different messsages, on the mornings of the second, third and fourth days.  On the lower edge of the timeline of the New Message video, there are numbers showing the number of messages Marshall Summers received each year.

All three of the messages we listened to at Encampment were received in 2012.  One of them, “The Story of the Messenger,” is available at newmessage.org, both in the original audio, and a transcription.

In the evening of the previous day, I was approached by Will Burrows, who works for the organization putting on the Encampment, the Society for the New Message from God.  He said “Would you be willing to talk to me and my camera?”  By camera, he meant video camera.  He was inviting me to engage in a video interview.  We spent some time doing that in the afternoon.  One of the questions I was asked was the very question I had been pondering earlier, “How do I know the New Message from God is real?”  I mentioned the result of my earlier pondering, about needing two or three witnesses, and the “witnesses” I mentioned were 1) the niceness that studying the New Message brings out in people, 2) the internal consistency of the New Message (which I will elaborate on in another post), and 3) my own inner experience.  After doing the video interview, I added a fourth witness, my experience of Marshall Summers (another topic for a separate post).

There are quite a few New Message videos up at YouTube.  Many of them are Society productions, many of them are not.  One non-Society production video which seems to have garnered some public interest is the Project Camelot interview of Marshall Summers (117,000 views in 2012)

Project Camelot places an emphasis on using the raw video of a subject as much as possible:  They write:

“Camelot interviews are shot in a guerilla style that captures the interpersonal dynamic as well as enables the viewer to determine whether the truth is being told, some facsimile thereof, or a lie.. The camera reveals this in the facial expression, voice, tone and body language of the subject, and gives us added insight into what resonates and what does not. It gives us a candid picture of not only the person but also reveals the more subtle layers underneath. We pick up subliminal cues and as viewers can come to our own conclusions, without being limited or misled by edited sound bytes, canned commentaries or misdirects by the interviewer that interfere with a determination of what is truth and what is fantasy or simply a lie.”

A number of people who have chosen to study the New Message further have been impressed by the Project Camelot interview.

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  1. Very true! This was precisely the video I watched after finding the New Message on Facebook (on the Age of Women page) and before signing up for the New Message Free School. I have to let you know that I was impressed.

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