Follow The Given Way

follow the given way

All I need to do is follow the given way.

Step 38. God Knows the Way to Knowledge tells me to “take faith today in knowing that God knows the way to Knowledge, and you need only follow the way that is being given.”

I have shared before in this space about the certain amount of difficulty I have had with the word “God.” And here I am told that God knows the way to Knowledge. What do I do with this? How should I interpret it? However, Steps to Knowledge is not an intellectual pursuit, this practice does not call for engaging in analysis or playing mind games. This Step asks me to “practice feeling the presence of God, silently, in stillness. Not thinking about God, not speculating, not wondering, not doubting, but simply feeling.”

My notes for Step 38 say, “Knowing that I need only follow the way that is being given – this way to Knowledge that will simply emerge in me because it is acknowledged – is so very empowering and I know it to be true. There cannot be any disappointment.  God is not going anywhere – yes indeed!”

Follow the given way

I need only follow the given way. This is so freeing, so liberating, because it removes all need for speculation and wondering. I do not even need to speculate about God, God is not going anywhere, God is still, God only needs to be felt, and God knows the way to Knowledge. I do not need to burden myself with all kinds of complications, construing this, conceiving that. The way to Knowledge is as ancient as time itself. Others have passed this way, they have felt and experienced God and been able to follow the given way. All I need to do is follow the given way too. Now that shouldn’t be so hard now, should it?

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