Distinguishing The Mushrooms From The Toadstools

Orange-cap boletus, Mushrooms in the Moscow Region, RussiaI was out in the forest gathering mushrooms yesterday and found myself taking immense satisfaction in how adept I now am at distinguishing the true mushrooms from the false. And it’s about time, I’ve only been doing this for twenty-odd years!

Step 37. There Is A Way To Knowledge says, “There is a way to Knowledge. It requires skill and desire. Both will take time to develop. You must learn to value the true and not to value the false, and it takes time to learn to separate the two and to recognize them.”

I could not help but compare this to my mushroom-picking experience. Distinguishing mushrooms from toadstools can be difficult, both look so alike, toadstools often being more colorful and attractive than genuine edible mushrooms, so how can you tell them apart? Separating the true from the false also poses a dilemma, how do you know which is right?

Honey agarics, Mushrooms in the Moscow Region, Russia
Distinguishing mushrooms from toadstools frequently requires close examination, although I have also found that I can now spot a good mushroom from a distance. I take almost pride in the fact that I have the skill and desire, and that I have had the time to develop these attributes. Over time, I have learned to separate the two (the true mushrooms from the false toadstools) and recognize them.

I am applying this to my Steps journey and taking comfort in the fact that with diligence and perseverance I will find the way to Knowledge, the epitome of the Truth. I will learn to value the true and not to value the false. At this point, I am reiterating to myself, based on my mushroom-picking experience, that this requires time and practice, the main emphasis being on practice.


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