First They Ignore You, Then They Mock You

It's the circle of life. First they ignore you, then they mock you.

A number of different individuals have observed a certain life cycle as a new idea enters the world.

First they ignore you, then they mock you

Quotation enthusiasts consider this quote to be misattributed to 17th-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, but their research showed similar words being said or written by a number of others:

Truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

The 19th-century Christian missionary Hudson Taylor, best known for opening the interior of China to Christian missions, said:

I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God: first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.

Finally, other quotation enthusiasts consider this quote to be misattributed to Mohandas Gandhi:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

I mention these quotations because the New Message from God has taken a step forward from mostly being ignored. The website of the Atlantic magazine recently mentioned the New Message from God.

First they ignore you, then they mock you. Is this mention a big deal? I believe it is, and I will tell you why. The Atlantic has existed in one form or another since 1857. The Atlantic exists in a number of different forms, with content in many different areas. I surmise from this history of the Atlantic that the Atlantic considers itself to be a platform where serious people contemplate and write about serious ideas. Web traffic monitor Alexa reports the Atlantic website to be the 800th most visited website in the world. That’s number 800 out of over 1,000,000,000 websites in the world. Say what you will about the Atlantic’s content or its editorial viewpoint; its status as a successful and influential website is indisputable.

First they ignore you, then they mock you. The Atlantic conducted a survey of participants in new religious movements, asking about a half dozen questions. I believe they were trying to get the participants to describe the distinctive aspects, the “secret sauce” of their movement. I was one of about 400 people to respond to this survey, according to the Atlantic. They didn’t select my response. That might be a good thing, as I was more terse than the New Message response they did select, from David Drimmel. I haven’t met David in person yet, but we have had some helpful online chats.

David Drimmel. First they ignore you, then they mock you.

First they ignore you, then they mock you. I give the Atlantic credit for looking at David’s testimony with a relatively neutral stance. They wrote:

David Drimmel writes about the sense of connection offered by The New Message from God, a movement based on the teachings of Marshall Vian Summers, an American who says he received divine revelations about alien life and other things:

Here is the portion of David’s survey response reprinted in the Atlantic.

The New Message from God is unique in that it emphasizes the importance of the theology of the greater community of intelligent life. It has broadened my perspective and understanding of what humanity is facing in the world today, the alien phenomenon, and quenches my thirst for knowledge about life in the universe.

When I first learned about the New Message, it was like I had been waiting for it, searching for it all my life. What sticks out for me the most is the emphasis on building the four pillars of my life on relationships, health, work/providership, and spiritual growth. The chapters about the pillars in the book Living the Way of Knowledge helped me see my life from a perspective that engages me in relationship instead of the disconnected, depressive state I was in. Essentially, I was called out of my depression and into the world.

First they ignore you, then they mock you. I concur with David’s report that preparing for a successful emergence into a not-all-human future is a great emphasis of the New Message. Both Alisa and I have written a number of posts on this subject. I haven’t read Living the Way of Knowledge yet, but it’s on my to-read list. I have written about the four pillars here. This is one of the ways we work on being better people.

First they ignore you, then they mock you. I haven’t thought about this too much, but David, for better or for worse, is now the most well-known student of the New Message from God in the world. I believe he will bear that title well for the time he holds it. Will the New Message succeed in preparing humanity for the greatest transition in its history? Well, you know what they say…

* * *

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He Spoke To Our Strength, Dreamed Of Our Success

Jerry Pournelle He spoke to our strength, dreamed of our successThe science fiction community is celebrating the contributions and mourning the departure of Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017) on September 8. The most well known obituary in national media I know of is the one written by Glenn Reynolds in USA Today. There are a number of things I wish to share about his life.

He spoke to our strength, dreamed of our success

Pournelle and Niven. He spoke to our strength, dreamed of our successJerry Pournelle will be remembered for his collaborations with Larry Niven. Niven is an acclaimed science-fiction writer in his own right. Their partnership started in 1974 with The Mote in God’s Eye, a tale of humanity’s first contact with non-human intelligent life. This fertile partnership would continue until 2012, with many books, collections, and sequels. I consider this an illustration of one of the steps and teachings of Steps to Knowledge, the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God. What’s a group effort?  Everything.  Everything that matters.  Everything that helps someone.  Step 45 of Steps to Knowledge declares:

“Alone you can do nothing. Nothing has ever been accomplished alone, even in your world. Nothing has ever been created alone, even in your mind.There is no credit to be received by doing something alone. Everything is a joint effort. Everything is the product of relationship.”

Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven had a fruitful relationship.

He spoke to our strength, dreamed of our success. Niven and Pournelle explored various aspects of humanity’s emergence into a greater community of intelligent life. In the 1985 book Footfall, humanity experiences an alien invasion. I realize that doesn’t seem particularly inventive. But the invasion is an act of desperation by a race whose home world has experienced environmental destruction. The value of this book is the why, as opposed to the what.

He spoke to our strength, dreamed of our success. Maybe there are conflicts out there in Known Space, as Niven called it. How will humanity respond? Larry Niven introduced us to the Kzinti, a warlike species of cat-like aliens in the 1960s. Pournelle and Niven presided over fourteen volumes of the Man-Kzin Wars series as writers and editors.

He spoke to our strength, dreamed of our success. One of the distinctives of the New Message from God is a great deal of teaching and emphasis on humanity’s forthcoming emergence into a greater community of intelligent life. The books Greater Community Spirituality and Life in the Universe are instances of this. The interstellar neighborhood described in these books doesn’t resemble what has been imagined by Pournelle and Niven, but I appreciate the effort made to contemplate the future.

He spoke to our strength, dreamed of our success. The only Niven and Pournelle book I have actually read is Fallen Angels, written in 1991 with Michael Flynn. I took enjoyment in this book because it imagined a world where science and technology have been rejected in favor of crystals and feelings. It imagined a world where combating global warming had succeeded all too well and resulted in an ice age. Finally, it was a valentine to the golden age of science-fiction fandom in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

He spoke to our strength, dreamed of our success. Pournelle and Niven were known as “hard” science fiction writers. That means they not only imagined certain futures, but wrote about how the futures they imagined might actually exist. Fallen Angels is an instance of this, where there is a discussion of global temperature over the past few thousand years. And because of this, there was a certain strength to their optimism. In the future of Niven and Pournelle, humanity has a future. In the future of the New Message from God, humanity has a future if and only if it will prepare for it.

* * *

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Let The Past Speak, And Show When We Were Weak

Alexander Stephens Let the past speak, and show us when we're weak

I never saw this picture at any point in my education as a child or adolescent. I never heard the name Alexander Stephens in my education. But I am considering him now because America is exploring certain unhappy aspects of its history. I wish to consider how Knowledge, the deeper spiritual intelligence that God has placed within each person, might look upon the words of Alexander Stephens. I wish to consider what “ground rules” could be agreed upon for considering the past.

Let the past speak, and show when we were weak

Alexander Stephens gave an extemporaneous speech in Savannah, Georgia in March of 1861 which has come to be known as the Cornerstone Speech, because it clearly and succinctly stated the differences between the ideas of the Confederacy, and the ideas of the US Constitution. Here is a paragraph from that speech:

The new Constitution has put at rest forever all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions—African slavery as it exists among us—the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution. Jefferson, in his forecast, had anticipated this, as the “rock upon which the old Union would split.” He was right. What was conjecture with him is now a realized fact. But whether he fully comprehended the great truth upon which that rock stood and stands may be doubted. The prevailing ideas entertained by him and most of the leading statesmen at the time of the formation of the old Constitution were that the enslavement of the African was in violation of the laws of nature; that it was wrong in principle, socially, morally and politically. It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with; but the general opinion of the men of that day was that, somehow or other, in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away… Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the idea of a Government built upon it—when the “storm came and the wind blew, it fell.”

Let the past speak, and show when we were weak. The “new Constitution” was the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, adopted a mere ten days before this speech was given. The “late rupture and present revolution” was the succession of seven southern states within the previous 4 months. I have searched for the source of the Jefferson quote without success, but regarding slavery, he wrote, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever.” I consider everything he said from “The prevailing ideas…” to “…evanescent and pass away” to be a reasonably objective description. Stephens is making a reference to the Sermon on the Mount about the rock and sandy foundations.

Let the past speak, and show when we were weak. What is my experience of these words of Alexander Stephens? I am aghast. I am stopped. I cry out, “How can someone say something so monstrously, terribly evil without the slightest hint of irony? And furthermore, mention it as in keeping with the Bible?” But this cry of mine is not well-formed in the light of Knowledge. Why is it not well-formed? Because of the judgment expressed by the word “evil” and its modifiers. Judgment is a decision to stop looking, to stop listening, to stop observing, and to start attacking, to start punishing, to start separating. Steps to Knowledge, the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God, affirms earlier teachings of how judgment is the source of many miseries and sorrows in the world. Therefore, I need to think this out again.

Let the past speak, and show when we were weak. Generally speaking, I find it a good strategy to replace judgment words in a sentence (good, bad, evil, right, wrong) with description words (long, heavy, bright, feathery, cold, etc.). I also find it a good strategy to replace sentences of the form “This is that” with sentences of the form “I consider this that” or “I find this that.” Getting back to Stephens, I could say “I consider his words to be an un-American thing for an American to say, assuming we define by “American” the words “Liberty,” “E pluribus unum” (Latin for “out of many, one”) and ‘In God we trust.'” I have replaced the judgment word “evil” with the descriptive word “un-American.” I have added the qualifier of limiting it to my own experience. If I could go back to Savannah in 1861 and give my first cry to Alexander Stephens, he might be angry and have his fists up. But if I went back and gave my second utterance, we might be able to continue to debate on the merits of the proposal.

Let the past speak, and show when we were weak. There is another thing about this speech I wish to consider. It is the relative weakness of ideas. I realize some people may find this difficult. I sympathize, because I have found this difficult. I have been taught all my life to believe that ideas have consequences, that some ideas are more powerful than others, and those ideas survive because they stir things in the hearts and minds of men that other ideas do not. I’m not so sure that those things are true anymore. In the realm of being, there are only things that are and things that aren’t. The realm of thoughts and ideas is based on persuasion rather than truth. In this realm, people create ideas, people attack certain thoughts, people fortify beliefs, people weaken arguments, people eventually destroy ideologies. The weapons are logic, manipulation, seduction, propaganda, ridicule, social rewards and punishments, and so forth. An idea that succeeds in a certain context today might very well fail in a different context tomorrow. I say the Founders knew that all people are created equal. But to Alexander Stephens, it was just another idea that didn’t pan out because of its lack of foundation in reality. What was the difference between the Founders and Alexander Stephens?

Steps to Knowledge describes this weakness more than once. This is from Step 240, “Small ideas cannot fulfill my need for Knowledge”:

“Great ideas, fantastic images or wonderful belief systems cannot meet your need for Knowledge. Ideas alone can set you on your way, but they cannot take you on the journey.”

This idea is examined from another angle in Step 277, “My ideas are small, but Knowledge is great.”

“Imagination is unstable, and even its brightest moments can turn to darkness in a second. Even its greatest inspirations can be bitterly discouraged with the slightest provocation. Here there is no certainty. Here there is no reality. Here nothing is trustworthy, for only change can be expected.”

Let the past speak, and show when we were weak. I very recently learned there is a statue of Alexander Stephens in the U. S. Capitol. It was sculpted by Gutzon Borglum, the creator of Mount Rushmore. It was given to the Capitol by the State of Georgia in 1927.

Statue of Alexander Stephens. Let the past speak, and show when we were weak.

Both Representative John Lewis (D-Georgia) and the descendants of Alexander Stephens have called for the removal of this statue from the Capitol. Will it happen? Should it happen? I don’t know.

* * *

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There Is A New Message From God In The World

There is a New Message from God in the world.

There is a new message from God in the world.

If some improbable event granted me the world’s attention for even a very short time, I would tell the world this: There is a New Message from God in the World.

There is a New Message from God in the World

What do I mean by this?

Is this message an attempt at advocacy? No, even though this new message does contain certain things that people should stop doing and certain other things that people should start doing.

Is this message a teaching? No, even though this new message includes instruction on many different subjects.

Is this message a prophecy? No, even though this new message contains a great deal about the future of humanity.

What is it then? It is a revelation. It is what many people have prayed for, but few people dared to hope for. People have prayed, “Dear God, we need something to help us as individuals be better and stronger. Our religions were supposed to do that, but some people have used them as an excuse to be even more violent and cruel. Dear God, we need something to help us get over our attachments to our clans, our tribes, our ethnicities. We take no joy if our nation prospers at the cost of the ruin of another nation. Dear God, we need something to help us stop turning this beautiful world into a plundered, looted heap of fallen ruin.”

Alisa writes:

There is a New Message from God in the World.

It is here to serve humanity at a crucial turning point in its evolution. It comes at just the right time to sustain and uphold a world facing environmental degradation, internal strife, religious violence, unprecedented power struggles and immense human suffering. It comes to teach humanity how to reconnect with its spiritual core and unite to face the turbulent times ahead.

Only a genuine revelation from the Creator of All Life has the power to change the course of human history, and this is it.

It has been sent into the world through one man to keep it pure and uncorrupted. It has the power of Heaven behind it.

There is a New Message from God in the World.

Новое Послание от Бога присутствует в этом мире. Это дар от Творца всей жизни.

Оно переведено на человеческий язык и понимание благодаря Ангельскому Присутствию, наблюдающему за этим миром.

Оно является продолжением целого ряда посланий от Творца, которые передавались в течение веков и тысячелетий.

Это Новое Послание для нашего времени и будущих времен.

Если бы я вдруг имела такую возможность рассказать всем русскоязычным людям об одном для меня важнейшем явлении, я бы рассказала им о Новом Послании от Бога и его базовом учении, сердцевине, если хотите, книге «Шаги к Знанию».

Почему? Сейчас объясню.

Шаги к Знанию There is a new message from God in the world.Это уникальная книга, это сакральная книга, это книга, которая пришла к нам с незапамятных времен.

Впервые в истории человечества появилась книга, столь древняя, что её изучали расы по всем временам и во всех мирах, с тех пор как началась Разлука.

Я рекомендую её внимательно изучать.

А какие преимущества раскроет это внимательное изучение, вы спрашиваете?

Я вам поделюсь своим опытом, ведь я внимательно изучаю эту книгу уже пятый год, причем практически каждый день. Я практикую эти Шаги к Знанию и, как нам известно, повторение – мать учения. Или, другими словами, практика приведет к совершенству, хотя дело тут не в совершенстве, а в постоянстве. То, что мы практикуем, становится постоянным. Так, что следите за тем, что практикуете!

Так вот, какую пользу можно извлечь из внимательного изучения этих Шагов?

Новое Послание от Бога присутствует в этом мире.

Во-первых, эта книга дает объяснение того, что подразумевается под словом «Знание». Это многозначительное слово, причем с заглавной буквой, уходит далеко вне нашего поверхностного понимания и вне предел того, с чем мы обычно его ассоциируем.

Шаг 2 толкует это слово следующем образом: «Знание представляет твою Истинную сущность, Истинный разум и твои Истинные взаимоотношения во Вселенной. Оно также содержит в себе твоё высшее предназначение и идеальное использование твоей сущности, твоих врожденных способностей и навыков, даже твоих ограничений – всё это дано тебе на благо миру».

Слово “Знание”, как ученики Шагов к Знанию его употребляют и понимают, представляет собой глубокий разум, который Творец всей жизни заложил внутри каждого человека, чтобы направлять и защищать его.

Знание – это наша связь с Творцом.

Знание – это дар от Творца всей разумной жизни.

Знание – это тихое Присутствие, которое постоянно идет рядом с нами, но о существовании которого мы едва осознаем.

Во-вторых, Шаги к Знанию – это международная лаборатория для продвижения человеческого разума. Они соединяют ум, который думает с умом, который знает.

Во-третьих, цель изучения Шагов к Знанию заключается в том, чтобы восстановить связь с этим Знанием внутри себя и помочь другим сделать то же самое. Чтобы Знание не угасло в нашем мире, а помогло человечеству продолжаться развиваться и процветать.

Новое Послание от Бога присутствует в этом мире.

Благодаря Маршаллу Виану Саммерсу, которому раскрылась эта книга в состоянии откровения, она теперь доступна нам. Маршалл сам рассказывает, что он носил эту книгу, как плод, внутри себя задолго до того, как она появилась на свет. Он сам не подозревал о её огромной значимости. Он только знал, что он будет носить ответственность за её ношение, за предоставление её в мир, и за дальнейшую заботу за ней.

Итак, мы счастливые получатели этого дара от Творца. И, по моему скромному мнению, мы бы оказали себе плохую услугу, если бы мы не воспользовались этой уникальной возможностью, чтобы внимательно изучать её и практиковать Шаги к Знанию. Ведь это уникальная книга. Это сердцевина Нового Откровения от Творца, Нового Послания от Бога для нашего времени и будущих времен.

* * *

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Honor This Gift, Receive This Gift

Honor this Gift, Receive this Gift.


During the Final Broadcast of the 2017 Step Vigil, Marshall shares more about the gift of Knowledge in a way that he hopes will be easier for us to understand.

He begins speaking at the 22.30 mark.

Knowledge really is our connection to our eternal life, because it represents the part of us that is eternal. It is here in the world on a mission to serve a higher purpose. This is not our personal purpose, it is something that lives within us that will emerge when we need for this Knowledge to come to our aid. When our need for clarity and certainty and resolution brings us to a point where we know that a greater power, that exists beyond us and even within us, can only answer.

“This evening I would like to talk about Knowledge in a certain way so that you can begin to understand what it really is. Because it’s hard to understand what’s really deeply within us, some things we rarely experience. We live so much on the surface, so conditioned by our own personal mind, by the world around us, by the people who influence us. But Knowledge is something great that lives within us.

“So I would like to describe this in a certain way for you tonight that may be helpful. The first thing to understand is you live with two minds. You have the worldly mind, which has been conditioned and shaped by your environment, by your family, by your circumstances, your relationships, and various persuasions throughout your infancy, childhood, early adulthood and onward. And that is the mind that we live in the vast majority of the time. A mind that is still turbulent, often unstable, that is still very much affected by the world around us. Because it’s subject to corruption and manipulation, it is always fearful. Fearful of what it may lose, fearful of life, fearful of death, fearful of change, fearful that you may not be fulfilled in life or have certain things. It is prone to constant error.

“This is the part of you that the world has created. It is not who you really are. But it is what you are in the world. And it has great importance when it begins to serve the higher power that lives within you and beyond you. This has produced much error in your life. But God will forgive you for this. Because God understands the limitations of this state of mind.

“Deep within this worldly mind is a far greater mind. The mind that represents the eternal part of you. The mind that is uncorrupted by the world, unaffected by the world. A mind that holds your strength, your purpose, your destiny, and your connection with timeless reality and with your Source. It is so much greater than people’s notions of intuition. Sometimes people feel that it is a guide from heaven, some external force, but Knowledge is intrinsic within in you. You cannot corrupt it. But it’s waiting for you to begin to return to it.

“This is the mind that God created. And God blesses you with it and for it. Every person has Knowledge. But the world has overlaid so much, layers of distrust, frustration, disappointment, layers of trauma, layers of failure, even the emptiness of success. The discouragement from others, your own discouragement. So at some point you realize you do not have the answer. And no one in the world has the answer. The answer comes from a greater place. And along the way you see signs of this, you see signs of people’s brilliance, you hear stories of people doing really courageous things, sometimes defying all rationality, people putting themselves in positions of risk or harm to do the right thing. And the evidence of this inspiration is everywhere, if you look for it.

“So Knowledge lives beyond your intellect, because your intellect is a product of living in the world. It is what has been added on. Knowledge is here to guide your intellect, so that it can be truly productive, and serve you and be your vehicle for being in the world, your mind, your body, vehicles for communication, vehicles for being in the world. Who you are, so much greater.

“When you begin to take the Steps to Knowledge, you begin to rebuild your connection to this indigenous part of yourself that has such strength and wisdom, the strength and wisdom you need. It has clarity about where you need to go in life, clarity that you really cannot find anywhere else. It is determined. It is not afraid of the world. Who can honestly say they are not afraid of the world?

“This is the gift of revelation for us now. For we are facing a world that will be much more turbulent, much more uncertain, even catastrophic in various ways, as the environment and the climate of the world changes, as nations become more unstable. Where will that certainty be, that you will need, as things that you have believed in in the past seem to fail and become inadequate? It’s a question, it’s a question. Without Knowledge, we all know what that is like.

“Without Knowledge, life becomes haphazard, full of conflict, frustration, without a true direction and a purpose. Even if you exert control over your life, like a tyrant, you’re still uncertain. You’re still afraid. Who really knows who they are, where they’re going and why they’re here, with an authentic sense of certainty? Rich or poor, everywhere in the world, this is the dilemma of living in Separation from our Source. Living in Separation from that which is natural and eternal within ourselves. To live in the world, and to grow up here, and be formed here is to forget where you have come from. It is to forget those who have sent you, it is to forget where you are ultimately going. The memory lives within you deeply, but you have to dig pretty deep for it now. There are too many other memories competing for your attention.

“As mysterious as this is, people experience it perhaps more than they realize. Intuition, Patricia mentioned gut feelings, things come to mind, you have a moment of sobriety and you see something very clearly that is startling that the people around you are not seeing. You have a sensitivity to people suffering, or dishonesty. And perhaps it seems like you are the only person seeing that in that situation. We have the evidence of Knowledge sprinkled out throughout our lives, here and there, the evidence in other people. Grace is still at work in the world, despite the many errors of humanity.

“And in this there will be no hell and damnation, because God knows that without Knowledge to guide you, you will live in error, you will be confused. You may do terrible things to yourself and others. Without Knowledge to guide you, this can happen and to some extent has happened. It is to bring you back to the power and presence of Knowledge within yourself. It is the purpose of all true religion in all of its manifestations, in all of its great testaments. But alas, the purity of this thread has been lost, overlaid, forgotten and even discouraged in the history of our world, in the history of humanity. Yes.

“So this Knowledge lives within you at this moment waiting to be discovered. If you are really honest about your condition, you will really come to see that you need this. And though it may be a distant reality to you, something you can barely comprehend, you know you need this. Everyone needs this. It is the condition of the world and the world we see today that is the product of people living without Knowledge, trying to make decisions without Knowledge, falling under oppression, inequality, servitude, everything, degradation, everything.

“When you have this understanding, you begin to look at the world more compassionately, because it’s not failing your ideals. This isn’t the world you thought the world should be. Of course not. It is a place where people are without Knowledge, living in Separation. This is the foundation for forgiveness and compassion, as you realize everyone is suffering, rich or poor, because of this core condition. In the New Message, it’s called the Crisis, the Crisis of Separation, the crisis of being separated from your own deeper nature, the source of your strength, the source of your integrity, the source of your power. Taken away, living in another reality, where these things seem to be very rare and difficult to find.

“It is through Knowledge that God blesses you, be you of any faith tradition, or be you of no faith tradition. God does not care what your religious beliefs are as long as they can help you return to the power that God has put within you, to guide you, to bless you, and to lead you to a greater life in the world. Any religious teaching, or understanding, any religious practice, precept, or doctrine is only as valuable to the extent that it can do this and encourages it. Religion without Knowledge tends to become delusional, competitive and violent. All the things that we have seen and continue to see in the world today.

“What will Knowledge do for you? Well, first, you will have to reshape your life to some degree. It will begin to move you in a certain direction, because it’s a constant movement, like a honing beacon. You may be going this way, but Knowledge needs you to go this way. It’s going to slowly turn your life. Naturally, it’s the most natural force there could be. So if you are moving in the wrong direction, then there’s nothing down that road for you. This is not going to work out. Knowledge begins to turn your life in the direction where your real accomplishments can occur, the important people you need to know can be found, the important teaching and education that you need can be recognized. It’s very important—where you are, who you are with, what you’re doing, very important.

“So the Creator of All Life has given humanity this ancient teaching in Steps to Knowledge. Steps to Knowledge is actually older than humanity. It’s been taught throughout the Universe to adepts, small groups, and now being given to the whole world, given the great change that is coming here, and the need to prepare, and the urgent situation, yes. It has brought a great message into the world. And with it the preparation that is essential.

“Steps to Knowledge seeks to bring into union your worldly mind and the deeper mind of Knowledge within you, which makes you complete. For the Knowledge that you carry is meant to guide you in all matters of great consequence. And your personal mind is meant to work out the details of your life and to carry out small decisions. But the really important things, the greater decisions, the greater direction for your life must come from Knowledge. This is how God will redeem you, and restore you, return to you your true strength and reconnect you ultimately with those who sent you into the world and what you are here to really do.

“Ask God for no greater thing than this, because there is no greater thing than this. This will feed you for a life time and will feed others through you. This will give you the eyes to see and the ears to hear. This will give you the strength to nourish others and to tell them that they too have a greater purpose and meaning in life.

“This has been the blessing that has been given to me 28 years ago. It took me seven years to prepare to receive Steps to Knowledge. Soon after it was received on the final night, which we celebrate tonight, the last day of the Vigil, within days I began Steps to Knowledge to be its first student, knowing that this was far beyond me, far greater than I am and of immense importance to the world. And I also knew, even at that time, early in my training, that I would be responsible for Steps to Knowledge for the rest of my life. To learn it, to comprehend it, to share it, to teach it, to encourage it and to protect it. Such a gift, such a blessing.

“So I am very happy that people have gathered at this vigil to honor this gift, who are beginning to receive this gift, allowing the Steps to Knowledge to begin to clear away the artifact and the debris that the world has set in their minds to see clearly with their own eyes, to know with their own heart, and to speak with their own voice, finally.

“May the Blessing be with you and with all of us, for the Presence and the Great Teachers are with us. And we bless that by saying, Nasi Novare Coram. Which is a step in Steps to Knowledge.

“So I would like to conclude by reading a quote from the back of Steps to Knowledge, a quote given by the Assembly

You came into the world with the Knowledge of who you are, who you must meet and what you must accomplish. It is time to find this Knowledge and begin to live it.

“May it be so.”

And Marshall concluded the entire Vigil by offering the following blessing at the 1.20.00 mark.

“I pray that the gift that has been given to each us through revelation can grow within us, and we can patiently abide with it, patiently nurture it, patiently protect this emerging awareness from the harshness of the world around us, honoring that within us that must be honored and is truly honorable. And may this presence, this power, this force that we call Knowledge give this clarity, because Knowledge has clarity. May it give us strength, because Knowledge has this strength. May it give us direction, because Knowledge is taking us somewhere. May it give us purpose, because Knowledge is filled with purpose. May it give us love, because Knowledge is the force of greater love. And may it reunite us with those in the world and beyond whom we must recognize and honor as part of our mission here on earth. May the Presence be with us always, and may the Steps continue to move us always. Nasi Novare Coram.”

* * *

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The New Message: Some Things Worth Mentioning

new message

There are a number of things about the New Message from God that I feel are worth mentioning. And this is an understatment, since these things form the core and express the quintessence of this Revelation.

These are some of the things Marshall wished to share with us through Patricia on Day 15 of the 2017 Steps Vigil.

“The New Message speaks to our entire lives.”

“The New Message speaks to and addresses our mental, physical and emotional health, it speaks to building a solid foundation for being in the world by emphasizing our Four Pillars. It is real. It is palpable, you can work with it. You can be changed by it.”

“The New Message speaks to the quality of our relationships and finding the people with whom we share a greater destiny. Even if those same people do not match our ideals. This may be a person on the far side of the world who you see infrequently.”

“The New Message teaches us how to use and manage our mind so that it can be the true servant it was meant to be. It emphasizes the experience of insight and brings the real experience of God back into our lives in such a way that we can experience God for ourselves.”

“The New Message is preparing us, all of humanity, for our future and our destiny. This future, this destiny for humanity, will affect every person in the world and every person to come. It is here to support this process of confronting and going to meet our destiny as a human family.”

“The New Message provides wisdom from the Greater Community. It provides us with Knowledge. At the same time, this Revelation is here to give us a new life, each and every one. A new experience of being in the world, even for those who cannot change their circumstances.”

And here are some things worth mentioning about Steps to Knowledge, things that I gleaned during the 2016 Steps Vigil last year, but failed to bring to light at that time.

These things bring into clearer relief the enormity of what happened 28 years ago when Steps to Knowledge was birthed into the world through Marshall Vian Summers.

And indeed, in Marshall’s own words, he felt “pregnant” with this book for a long time before it actually made its appearance on Earth. He did not even know himself its immense import, he only knew that he was responsible for carrying it, bringing it into the world, and then caring for it.

Here are two excerpts from the 2016 Steps Vigil when Marshall speaks. Click on the icon in the upper lefthand corner to see the second excerpt.

I would also like to share some more wisdoms spoken by Marshall, Patricia and Reed that made a strong impact on me.

“Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing is a book that spans the eons of time.”

“The purpose of the Vigil is to recognize the gift of Steps to Knowledge that has entered the world.”

“What is Knowledge? Knowledge is your connection to God. Knowledge is God’s gift to all intelligent life.”

“Knowledge is this quiet Presence that has walked beside us that we barely knew was there.”

“Steps to Knowledge is a worldwide laboratory for the advancement of human intelligence. It marries the mind that thinks to the mind that knows.”

“Here we are being given a New Message which brings into the world for the first time in human history a book so old so as to be practiced by races across time since the inception of the Separation.”

“The Creator of all life has provided the Steps to Knowledge, a roadmap into the part of you that is permanent and true, powerful and fearless, gracious, but strong and determined—a part of you, you barely know or have never known, but which resides at the foundation of your Being.” ~ The Journey of the Messenger.

“The journey contained in Steps to Knowledge is actually a revolutionary journey.”

And as the 2017 Steps Vigil ends right now, I share these words from Marshall, “There is no going back. There is only going forward.” -MVS.

* * *

Welcome to Mystery of Ascension! Добро пожаловать в Тайну просветления! We document the study of the New Message from God in general, and the book Steps to Knowledge in particular. Мы тут делимся своим опытом изучения Нового Послания от Бога, в общем, и книги Шаги к Знанию в частности. Find out more about us here. Узнайте больше о нас здесь. Find out how to contact us here. Узнайте, как связаться с нами здесь.

Moving To Another Level Of Reality

Another level of reality is where Knowledge is taking us if we can recognize its emergence in our lives.

another level of reality

Are you ready to move to another level of reality?

On Day 15 of the 2017 Steps Vigil, Patricia reviews a few things from Marshall’s teaching on Day 14 and brings forth some ideas that just were pouring forth from him today. She said, “Marshall is in a very unique state today, despite the onset of his cold symptoms. It was just issuing forth from him and I could barely get it all down in order to share some of it tonight. When the Revelation says ‘the Message is in the Messenger,’ this is true! Today he was carrying it like a light.”

She said that Marshall was in a rather subtle state [when he presented his teaching on Day 14] and his communication was rather subtle. Marshall said the following to Patricia: “Will people take the time to really experience this?” So we are encouraged to go back and really listen to what he has to communicate. This will be very constructive for us to review.

This review begins at around the 48.00 mark.

Moving to another level of reality

On Day 16, Patricia once again brings us some vital teaching from Marshall, a process that will help us to discern the movement of Knowledge in our lives.

She begins speaking at around the 37.00 mark.

“So in this Vigil, the Steps to Knowledge Vigil, we’ve been holding vigil with Marshall in order to realize many things. We are holding vigil together with Marshall to realize, to bring forward the realization that a New Message from God has been sent here. We’re holding vigil in order to realize that this man, this individual, was selected and prepared before this time to come here, to give his life to receive this Divine Revelation. So, in part, this vigil is to help to realize this, as fully as we are able.

“We’re here holding vigil with Marshall hopefully to realize that he has successfully done this.

“We’re holding this vigil together with him to realize and commemorate that 28 years ago, after years of preparation even then, Marshall received a pathway and preparation called Steps to Knowledge.

“We’re here, hoping to realize in this vigil, that we have found him. That we underwent a process that led to finding him. That we are some of the first to undertake the journey and the preparation that he received, to realize that together. And we’re here together to realize and to hold vigil for the fact that Knowledge is emerging in our lives, and has been.

“This is almost going to another level of reality, to realize things of this nature. And above all, we’re here with Marshall in this vigil, together, to realize that Knowledge is seeking increasingly to move, not only in us, but in the world, to the human family, worldwide, now.”

She credits Reed with bringing forward the realization that really this vigil is about the emergence of Knowledge.

“So really this vigil, the Steps to Knowledge Vigil, is about the emergence of Knowledge.

“Moments before coming here, Marshall came to me and said I have something I would like you to bring to our community and ask them if they would do this process.

“So this is coming directly from Marshall.

“Let us take a few moments to look into our past for evidence of Knowledge at work. Get centered and turn your mind inward. Let other thoughts be set aside for a few minutes. Be as present as you can.

“Now recall those times when you experienced what seemed like Knowledge moving you to do something or of Knowledge holding you back.

“If something comes to mind, remember the circumstances surrounding this experience or these experiences. Was this circumstance regarding a decision to be made, or something else? Recall what the feeling of movement and pressure felt like. Did you feel it in your mind, in your body? Did you feel it emotionally, as an emotion? Did it come with an image, or something else, some other feeling, that may have accompanied it?

“Recall what the movement or pressure felt like. Recall the entire experience and whether you followed this movement or pressure. No self-judgment here, you only want to know the reality of your experience.

“Recall the consequence of this experience and what you did.

“How did you view it at that time and how do you see this today?”

Have you moved to another level of reality?

“Marshall recommends that we repeat this process at home and write down what happened. He recommends keeping interpretation out of it. Just remember the experience and what happened as a result. Keep this writing in an important place, like a study journal that you can refer to. Keep this study to yourself for a while to keep other people’s views and interpretations out of it. Add details to these recollections as they come to mind.

“Try to determine and remember what the experience of feeling moved or directed felt like. And how it stood out in your experience so that you can recognize this when it happens again. Use your past, no matter how painful it might be, to capture these kinds of experiences.

“This is part of being a student of Knowledge, know what it feels like when Knowledge is moving you and the ways that Knowledge speaks to you.

“Why is this meaningful?

“We hold vigil to observe the importance of the New Message from God and Steps to Knowledge coming into our life. And we hold this vigil also to remember and consider the experiences of Knowledge we have had. How we responded to those experiences and the consequences of those experiences.”

In closing, I would just like to say that I have engaged in this process and been richly rewarded by some eye-opening results. Am I living at another level of reality? Maybe so.

* * *

Welcome to Mystery of Ascension! Добро пожаловать в Тайну просветления! We document the study of the New Message from God in general, and the book Steps to Knowledge in particular. Мы тут делимся своим опытом изучения Нового Послания от Бога, в общем, и книги Шаги к Знанию в частности. Find out more about us here. Узнайте больше о нас здесь. Find out how to contact us here. Узнайте, как связаться с нами здесь.

Remembrance: Recognizing the Unimaginable

Remembrance: Recognizing the Unimaginable.


On Day 14 of the 2017 Steps Vigil commemorating the 28th anniversary of the reception of Steps to Knowledge, Marshall shares some profound wisdom, taking the opportunity that this gathering affords to draw us further into the mystery and teaching of Steps to Knowledge.

He begins speaking at the 56.40 minute mark.

“So this evening I thought it would be good to spend a little time with this beautiful passage from Steps to Knowledge. Step 281. Above All Else I Seek Knowledge

“Above all else seek that which will serve everything through you. In this, your need and the remedy for your life will become simple, and you will be able to proceed in certainty and patience, becoming a consistent student of Knowledge. Day by day you are reclaiming your True Self. Day by day you are escaping all else that seeks to pull you into the darkness of confusion. Day by day that which is unreal begins to disintegrate and that which is genuine begins to emerge.”

“I would like to spend a little time with this teaching, with you. It seems that great truth requires great wisdom–to know how it is to be understood, how and when and where it should be applied, where it should not be applied. Who should it be involved with and who should it not be involved with. If you are inexperienced in this wisdom, it is very easy to make mistakes, with a great truth like this.

“And so, in my admiration and support for your studenthood, I want to give you things along the way, clarification, correction, warnings that can help you understand and approach these great truths and adopt them in such a way that they can begin to work through you naturally within your own life. This particular teaching has hidden requirements. And Steps to Knowledge reveals these requirements through its study.

“You seek Knowledge, but Knowledge seeks to work through you. Through the vehicle of your life, the vehicle of your mind, using the tools and the wisdom you have gained thus far and the wisdom you will need to gain, relying upon your consistency and dedication. Relying upon you to become simple enough that you can do these things. That you are the same person every day, in all situations. That you are not here today and gone tomorrow. That you not become lost to yourself for long periods of time.

“Because the New Message tells us that Knowledge is knowing what to do, but wisdom is knowing how to do it, when to do it, where to do it and with whom to do it. Much of our training in The Way of Knowledge is really about cultivating this wisdom, this restraint, this discernment, discretion. Or, if that doesn’t take place, then you will make assumptions about what this means and try to live those assumptions. Which will really not be at all what this means. Or you will assume a kind of attitude and way of being in life that really is not authentic, or isn’t able to deal with changing circumstances or different situations.

“Perhaps you will become very pious and have a pious attitude towards all things. But that’s not really real. Knowledge needs for you to do what Knowledge needs for you to do. To be humble in this situation, but perhaps to be assertive in this situation. To hold yourself back with these people, but to bring yourself forth with these other people. To deliver this message to this person, but not to that person or those people. Or wait for this person to arrive to deliver the message, for it has nothing to do with the people with whom you’re engaged with now. This [is the] ability to wait, to hold wisdom, to keep it within yourself, without trying to make it relevant to yourself or to the things that you see around you. You’re just holding it there, waiting for the moment when it’s going to be really needed.

“It’s like the surgeon who maybe performs certain kinds of surgeries on a regular basis, but also has to know how to do rare kinds of procedures. I remember speaking to an emergency room doctor, who said, every time I go to work I have to remind myself how to do a caesarian section, because there will come a time when I will have to do that. Skills at the ready, skills in abeyance.

“So all these things take time. You seek Knowledge, which is entirely correct, but to be a vehicle for Knowledge, you must be free. You must know where you’ve been, I keep saying this, because you’ve already gained wisdom, hard-won wisdom, yes? Think about that–the wisdom I have gained, what I have really learned that was really important. And it was hard learning.

“If you forget that wisdom, you don’t have it, you can’t use it, and you may have to learn it again. Knowing where you have been is knowing what you have learned, knowing the mistakes you have made and the wisdom you have gained from that. For you will gain much more wisdom from making mistakes than you will from making successful decisions, overall.

“So when I read things like this that really move me, I wonder, I concern myself, will people take the time to learn how to experience this? How to hold this? How to carry this? Because in my experience, Knowledge uses everything that it can use in us. Knowledge even uses our mistakes as a method of teaching.

“My life has been an example of something that I want to teach. You have to be a person who can assume many different modes of behavior appropriate to the situation. You have to know where you are, where your mind is, what’s going on around you, which means you are really free of being so concerned with yourself.

“If that which you seek will serve everything through you, then you must be the vehicle that can make that possible. And that is the training, that’s the refinement, that’s the determination, that’s the objectivity. Everything that the New Message teaches us in how to be in the world is relevant to what I am saying to you right here.

“Let the Presence with you, but you have to be with the Presence. The person who does not prepare will misuse the Revelation. They will assume it’s a belief, an attitude, and a certain advantageous way of being. But it won’t be natural, it won’t be real, and it will be inappropriate.

“So one of the things I always look for in students is the ability to wait and to hold things without altering them or trying to understand them beyond what’s possible. And then, in time, you become a person with depth, and a deep ballast, and you carry that with you. Nasi Novare Coram

Remembrance: A Call to Recognize the Unimaginable

The Remembrance

“So the Messenger calls those to gather with him at certain times, so that he can impart the Presence and the Remembrance, and so that you, who are so called, can recognize that you are not alone and that relationships of true meaning are there, not just in one person only, but all around you, as you gather in the Circle of the Messenger. This is all part of the Remembrance, you see.”

“Let’s just take a moment and let’s be with this together.

“How can you remember something that is unimaginable at this level of reality? At this level of reality, nothing eternal can be considered. Our mind lives in time, our social worldly mind, created in time and space, it can only relate to time and space. So how can you remember something that’s beyond time and space? Unless that memory already lives within you. And what can recall that to you but a gift from where you have come from and to what you will return to. A gift that not only represents something, but moves through you like a deep current.

“To be with the Revelation that has been sent into the world in its purest form.

“To be amongst those who are the first to respond, blessed be they.

“To recite that which was known before, but has been forgotten.

“And to reclaim that which lives within you now, which was unknown before.

“The vehicle for Heaven must have a certain degree of remembrance here. It cannot be complete, for you could not be in the world with that. For Heaven is unimaginable here, just like being in the world is unimaginable looking from there. Only those who can bridge these two realities, the Great Assembly, can be in both worlds at once.

“But for us [there is] a certain amount of remembrance, which is not an image, for where we have come from is not a landscape in that way, but a deep feeling of relationship, being known, being directed, the Great Coordination.

“And what can enable us to remember but being a part of that Great Coordination as we become able to recognize it, to abide with it, to serve it. Somehow then our fear of death begins to fade away, and being in the world is but a very long day of being on the job. Happy to go home at the end of that long day, where things are much better.

“Steps to Knowledge teaches you how to remember, by being with Knowledge, by reciting its teaching for the world. By hearing your own voice reciting it, as if you were proclaiming it to the world.

“We are gathering then, we have this great opportunity to begin to recover what must be recovered, to recognize what must be recognized, to remember that we have not been forgotten, and that our mission and our preparation stretches out before us. May the Presence be with us, Nasi Novare Coram.”


* * *

Welcome to Mystery of Ascension! Добро пожаловать в Тайну просветления! We document the study of the New Message from God in general, and the book Steps to Knowledge in particular. Мы тут делимся своим опытом изучения Нового Послания от Бога, в общем, и книги Шаги к Знанию в частности. Find out more about us here. Узнайте больше о нас здесь. Find out how to contact us here. Узнайте, как связаться с нами здесь.

Capacity-Building: Take the Steps to Knowledge

Capacity-Building: Take the Steps to Knowledge


During Day 12 of the 2017 Steps Vigil, Patricia takes stock of where we are and recaps the stages in the process so far. It is important for us to remember that the 365 Steps contained in Steps to Knowledge were not received at a steady pace throughout the 20-day period. They came in starts and stops. On May 26 (Day 1), 35 Steps were received, followed by 57 Steps on May 27 (Day 2). After this came four days of silence when nothing was received. Then, on June 1 (Day 7), 49 Steps were received, followed immediately by 56 Steps on June 2 (Day 8). And once more, five days of silence. Day 12 comes during this five-day interval, when Marshall, already weary, continued to hone himself to see it through to the end.

Capacity-Building: Take the Steps to Knowledge

Marshall talks about this capacity-building and shares his memories of this time, drawing back the veil into his experience and affording us a glimpse of the magnitude of this event.

He begins speaking at around the 1.06.00 mark.

“Just my memory of these 20 days 28 years ago, there was such a buildup to receive this, for six years. And when I felt it approaching, in the month or so before it began, I was really on edge, because I thought this time was approaching, this is going to be very, very important. And I remember being quite nervous that I would somehow screw it up or not be able to do it, when the moment finally came. And I had much training to prepare me for this. Long retreats, strange journeys, long periods of engagement with the Assembly, hours, even days, on end, so that I would have the capacity to receive this, Steps to Knowledge, and the books of revelation which would follow not long afterwards.

“But when it began, I was so nervous, and it came very fast. And then I had to rest, obviously during intervals. But when I got to the halfway point, I was just hoping I could get to the end. It’s like running a long race, you get to a certain point and you know you’re getting tired, but you know you must finish this race, I used to run long races, so I know what that can feel like. When it was done, I was really tired and really relieved. But then I could remember so little of it, a few of the Steps titles, a few things, because it came very fast.

“So, and Patricia can tell the story of my coming up the stairs for the last time with the tapes in hand and what I said to her at that time. But shortly thereafter, I began Steps to Knowledge. And Darlene Mitchell, who is with us here tonight, was transcribing as fast as she could, first steps, so when the sheets of paper began to come forth before it was really a book, I began the study of Steps to Knowledge.

“And I wanted to know what was in it. I’m going to be presenting this to the world, because I knew I was going to be presenting it to the world before I ever received it, which added my sense of heightened anticipation and nervousness as the time approached. So I began Steps to Knowledge, and I did every day for sixteen months. And I felt like I was dealing with something of a very high order. I could remember a few things in coming to some of these Steps, but it was a flood, and sometimes in floods you see debris floating on top of the flood … I was able to pick out a few things in this flood, but I had no idea how big this really was.

“So I felt very honored, somewhat burdened, and quite uncertain how I was going to put this all together and present it, since we had never made a book before. But when I look at Steps to Knowledge now, having done it several times through, I can really appreciate its mystery and its depth, and the power that it has for those who can stay with it and return to it. For I don’t think you can really plumb the depths of this one time through. And as you practice, your capacity grows for it. As you read the other revelations, Greater Community Spirituality, Wisdom from the Greater Community Vols I and II, these are the early teachings, Living the Way of Knowledge, fantastic, you build capacity, you build comprehension and you return to these Steps. And they speak to you now much more clearly, because you’re getting on their wavelength, finally. Whereas before you could barely stay with it.

“But in my first time through, I was pretty deeply involved, and I was also still on retreat, so I could give it a lot of attention. And as I mentioned the other evening in the vigil, I knew Steps to Knowledge would commit the rest of my life. It wasn’t like I was just going to pass this on to someone and move on to something else, this was going to be central to everything that I did from here on. So it had a life-committing quality to it from the very outset. And that has been the case.

“So I am very blessed, honored to hear the testimonials,the power of Steps to Knowledge working in your life, the lives of other people, what this can give to those who are searching for it. I pray that they can find it. There is nothing else like this in the whole world.

“And for those who seek it, it will bring the power of  restoration to their lives. So a great burden turned into a great blessing. And now I feel burdened with bringing my voice forth to speak of the revelations of God, to speak of this journey, to speak of the mystery of Steps to Knowledge, the power of Revelation. For the power of Heaven is within it, most surely. And we have a small capacity for the power of Heaven, but as it grows, the well gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

“And I think of Steps now, that part of its purpose is to build a sacred environment internally for us, to receive the presence of Knowledge, to receive the presence of our Spiritual Family, that’s connected to Knowledge, a sacred place that is beyond the reach of the world and our outer surface life. When that happens something greater takes place.

And I would like to read to you from the Secrets of Heaven. This is one of my favorite books of the Revelation. This contains some of the very earliest teachings in the New Message.

Secret 151: You will know us because we are your Family. This can only be known and is not realized through deduction or any kind of rational practice. An old friend is merely recognized. If you remember us as we truly are, you will remember your life before entering here. You will remember your purpose and your agreement. You will remember the strength of your undertaking and the geat assistance that surrounds you always. In this, you will find true strength, for nothing that you can see in the world can cast shadows upon an awareness of this magnitude.

Capacity-building: Take the Steps to Knowledge

Marshall then asks Patricia to tell us what happened when he emerged from receiving the final steps.

Patricia relates how she saw Marshall come up the rather steep flight of narrow wooden steps leading out of the basement area in the humble home where he received Steps to Knowledge. She could see he was in a certain kind of state of mind and hesitated to even engage him. But she herself wanted to know what was going on.

So she asked, “Marshall, what is this? What is this you are receiving?”

“It’s a map, I received a map, no wait, no, actually, I received a book. Well, actually, actually, it’s about marriage.” And with that far-off look still in his eyes, he explained further. “It’s here to help us marry the mind we think with to the mind that we know with. It’s about marriage.”

* * *

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Steps to Knowledge Is Here: Where Are You?

Steps to Knowledge is here: where are you?

Steps to Knowledge

At the end of Day 11 of the 2017 Steps Vigil, Patricia had some things she wished to share.

She begins with, “I’m here to tell you that Marshall is with us. Although he is not here with us in the room or here to speak to you directly, he is here. And where is he? He’s resting, and that is so amazing. In the early years of this work, every time we had any kind of engagement or gathering, Marshall led every one, every single one, every single time. And it is so amazing and wonderful that we can hold vigil with him and we can help carry the focus of the vigil with him. And that is an evolution, I will tell you, it really truly is. So I would like to take a moment to be with him. This is our moment, one of our moments to be with Marshall. And as we do this, know that he is with us. I can see him and I am sure you can too. He is resting, he is holding vigil, and so are we.”

She then leads us deeper into our experience of Steps to Knowledge by introducing some questions Marshall has for those taking this journey.

“This is a process from Marshall for us to do. Just take a moment to do this. At this point in time, after taking part of the journey in StK, how do you see it now in contrast to what you understood it to be at the outset?”

I pondered this and have to admit that when I first came across Steps to Knowledge, I was not confounded or confused. I felt I recognized it and knew what it was about from the very beginning.

Two years ago during the Steps Vigil, I expressed my Steps experience as follows:

My experience with studying and practicing Steps to Knowledge for the past two-and-a-half years has truly been like a great homecoming for me. It is as though I have always known about this Knowledge in some deeper part of me, but not consciously. Now it is conscious, and its familiarity often overwhelms me. So I find my study to be the most natural thing I have ever done. It is effortless and flowing. It has become an integral part of my being and life. It is not even a choice any more. It is something I must do, but with lightness and joy in my heart, and with a glimpse of the freedom referred to, absolutely no obligation.

Patricia goes on to say, “The wonderful thing about a vigil of this nature is that it affords us the opportunity for our realizations to catch up with us. And it’s mysterious going forward how this serves us, but it does; to be in greater possession of our realizations. Because these realizations are not just merely thoughts or ideas, as we know, deeper understandings, they are.

“We’ve heard the term the Great Coordination. And when we consider Steps to Knowledge and the reality of this Great Coordination, of which Steps to Knowledge is a part, Marshall has a question, “Can you realize what you are working with here?”

And one of the things Marshall said about Steps to Knowledge as part of this Great Coordination is this: there has been an evolution in our understanding of the intention of the Source as a result of Steps to Knowledge. It is here as part of the Great Coordination and is nothing less than an endeavor to reawaken our experience of Knowledge to save humanity.

“The following are mini teachings from Marshall, and we will hear from him again I am sure on each of these

Steps to KnowledgeMini teachings, within which is contained greater teachings. This man carries a lot.”

She speaks about being in the room and witnessing the process of revelation as it occurs. She likens it to a double waterfall flow of communication passing into Marshall and through Marshall, and at the same time pouring into him.

The first mini teaching is this: “Humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community and the coming of the Greater Community. Consider this. Steps is the central pathway for developing men and women of Knowledge in preparation for communication in the greater arena of life. To function in that arena, to maintain Knowledge in the world in this Greater Community arena, to join the timeless mission of God and to serve those who have separated in the manifest universe.

“Knowledge is about movement.

“Consider living in a state of mind more proximal to Knowledge. Knowledge will naturally exert its influence, its protection, its permanence. But where are we relative to this?

“Steps to Knowledge brings us to an encounter with a higher order reality.

“It is a rescue plan from God. Steps to Knowledg is telling you that you are not alone. It is part of the rescue plan from God. Hear him, you will hear him too.

“Steps to Knowledge is the pathway out of the jungle. You know this jungle image I speak of, take a moment to see this for yourself.

Patricia goes on to say that as the Messenger, he brings us news.

The news he brings us is that “Steps to Knowledge is what is being practiced by advanced individuals and groups in the Greater Community by the networks of the wise.

“Steps to Knowledge is the preparation for the future.

“Knowledge waits for us.”

Then comes Marshall’s last question for us this evening:

“What does it mean for us that such a preparation is being given to us at this time?”

For me, it means that God wishes to save the world from its downward spiral into ultimate destruction. God wishes for humanity to reach a higher order of reality and spirituality and continue its evolution and ascension to a higher plane. God wishes to save this beautiful Earth and the human race that resides here. The human race is but one of the billions and billions of races that reside in the Universe, all created by God. At this time in the scheme of things, God’s attention is focused on us. God has sent Marshall Vian Summers into this world to bring the human race the Steps to Knowledge and other teachings with the intention that enough people will respond in order to tip the balance and prevent the planet from destroying itself.

Patricia encourages us to explore these pathways together and concludes that we will emerge from the process with treasures to offer to the world.

* * *

Welcome to Mystery of Ascension! Добро пожаловать в Тайну просветления! We document the study of the New Message from God in general, and the book Steps to Knowledge in particular. Мы тут делимся своим опытом изучения Нового Послания от Бога, в общем, и книги Шаги к Знанию в частности. Find out more about us here. Узнайте больше о нас здесь. Find out how to contact us here. Узнайте, как связаться с нами здесь.